Thursday, June 16, 2016

WEEK 55- A little bit of everything

 Off to Ice Cream and  Clark Fork....I will send more later you!




Woah crazy week!! Sorry if this is a little scattered today...haha
it's been another crazy week of exchanges and work! So...first off-
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY SHOUT OUT!! Wooho. Hope it was a good one and fun in Utah!!
get married in a temple of the Lord. So amazing and the blessings that
have come are incredible. Love you both, thank you for your examples
of love and marriage and serving God. Love you!!!!

Okay and now the business stuff....
So we have mission tour next week with Elder Wilford W. Andersen. I'm
 excited! But it's gona be a crazy week. We leave right after church
on Sunday at about 1:00 and drive to Helena! We'll get there around 3
and then carpool with the sisters there down to billings and get there
at about 9 at night. We'll have mission tour there, from 8:30-3 and
then we'll have MLC with Elder Andersen right after. Then we'll drive
back to Helena that night and spend the night there, then we'll do it
all again and have mission tour round 2 there in Helena from 8:30-3
and then drive back to Missoula! So crazy week coming we
won't really get much of a preparation day, but I'll be emailing on
Wednesday of next week instead of Monday! Just so you know:)

ANYWAY. So to be completely honest this week was a blur. A complete
blur. Haha for family--Sister Fletcher and I were talking and we're
just thinking how our focus is always our purpose and the people in
the area! But some weeks there's a special emphasis on our purpose
with the Sisters....I kinda feel like this was one of those weeks.
Haha so lots of time was spent on exchanges and reports to president
and preparing for exchanges and talking with the zone leaders and
stuff like lots of time
and energy was spent there. Which is totally fine.

So. M is doing well! She got a job! Yay!! She and us have been
praying for that! But it was her first week on the job and she was
exhausted and didn't come to church. Boo. :( but the upside is, one of
our members that is involved was like "NOO!! She didn't come!! Can I
have her number? I'm gona text her. Or maybe stop by and see how she's
doing!" So that's awesome. And we're going to see her tonight. Gosh
members are the best!! Everyone. Right now-go ask the missionaries in
your ward who you can help befriend and teach. It's the best and
you'll make the missionaries' day. Missionary work is the best!!

The P I don't think I've mentioned them in a bit...but they
are doing AMAZING. They got callings! They now teach Sunday school
class to the 7-12 year olds. And they LOVE it.
They're now attending the temple prep class and loving it! Gosh I love them.  So keep them in
your prayers! That they can take the last few leaps to being ready for
the temple. :)

This week I went to Darby for exchanges with Sister Adamson! Darby is
an adorable little town about 1 1/2-2 hours away. It's super cute and
we had a great exchange there! We were super busy the whole time,
biking all around town and had some awesome miracles.
We also had exchanges with the Sisters from Blodgett Canyon this week.

Well this was going to be a short and sweet email, but the second I
sit down and try to think of what all happened this week, things keep
flooding back into my brain, so sorry about that...haha but last thing
I promise! So we had interviews with President this week. Gosh I love
that man. He is amazing, inspired and loving. And a total goofball.
But that part is probably why we get along so well:) haha he told
sister Fletcher and I that as he's gone around doing interviews, he
has had atleast 5 people say some variation of the sentence "what were
you thinking putting those two together?!" Hahaha he thinks it
hilarious. He's amazing.

And along with interviews, Sister Wadsworth called us and asked if she
could come out teaching so us for the night! So we picked her up from
their hotel and took her to our appointments with us! It was SOOO good
to spend that time with her! Gosh I love her so much. We had a crazy

night, but the Spirit was so there and very strong. She is amazing and
can bring the Spirit in like nothing else. It was amazing to see. I
love the Wadsworths!!

Well sorry-this week was a little scattered, a little random, a lot of
the Spirit... But that's been the week. I love being a missionary. I
love Missoula and I love the people here! I love my companion, I love
President and Sister Wadsworth. I love my family, I love this gospel
and I love the Lord!!
Sister Hodgson


SO-on exchanges in Darby....we're having dinner and the member
were with see a bunny she gets up and casually grabs her
compact bow and goes out to shoot it! Hahaha Montana right?!


    -Young Sister Conrad is on her way to Brazil!! Wooho! 
(Also excuse the nasty hair...we got $5 hair cuts from the hair
  school....bad choice. Haha)

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