Monday, December 21, 2015

WEEK 30- A savior is Born- Merry Christmas!!

Holy cow what a week!  Can I just say how much I love this Christmas season? The lights, the people, hymns, the testimonies, and this year for the first time THE SNOW. Haha it's definitely an adventure! But holy cow is it beautiful....haha it's so cold though! I mean, I've been in snow before...but this stuff like freezes your patootie off!

Haha it's definitely been an adventure!  Can I just say.... Sister Hodgson does not know how to walk on the ice...haha I've definitely taken my fair share of spills! But only a few bruises...haha but wow. Christmas time is the best. I'm SO grateful for the wonderful people here in the Helena 1st and 3rd wards. They are amazing and truly a home and family always from home and family! 

Family: thanks for the great package! PJs and Hot chocolate were enjoyed....


So this week was a little insane...we had exchanges in Great Falls and we have 2 sets of sisters up there and because the roads were so bad we couldn't really do good exchanges driving all day so we went and stayed in Great Falls for a day. Sister Rasmussen went with
one set of sisters and I went with the other. It was so great and those sisters are amazing! I loved going around with them being able to share all 3 of our testimonies of the Savior and feel the power that comes from these amazing sisters. Then we went back to
Helena...the drive was long and icy..lots of prayers were said!  The sisters from Shelby came up to Helena the day before the zone conference so we got to spend a day with them. And then Zone conference happened.

Christmas zone conference is the best. No doubt. We had he spiritual part and then we were eating lunch after the conference and President Wadsworth runs in the room jumping up and down, waving his hands yelling "SANTA!! SANTAS COMING!!!!!!" Haha he had us all song jingle bells so Santa could know where we all were.  They had a slideshow of pictures of all of us missionaries from past Christmases...It was an awesome conference

As fun as it was seeing Santa and singing Christmas songs, the first part of the zone conference was definitely the best. So the week before, President and Sister Wadsworth asked each missionary to
prepare a 3 minute talk on how the atonement has impacted our mission and be prepared to share it. Can I just say, I have LOVED taking the time this last week or so to ponder the atonement and see how my testimony of our Savior's sacrifice has grown so much just these past 7 months....I definitely had a testimony of the atonement before my mission. Without it, I wouldn't be here! But being out here has made it grow so much more...I have definitely needed it here on my mission more than I ever have. I have felt the weakest I ever have but I have also felt the most love and strength than ever before in my life.  I REALLY needed this week !!

 I have been gaining a stronger relationship with Him and love Him with all my heart. I love you my sweet family! I miss you! I'm so excited to talk to you on Friday!! And I want you to know how much I love being here in Montana. Going on a mission has been one of, if not the best decision I've made in my life.  Please, never waste an opportunity to bear your testimony if the Savior, His birth and His atonement. You never know who it strengthens. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!
Work hard, pray always and love much!!

Sister Hodgson

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week 29- blah

She answered a few questions:

The weather report says you should be getting 5-12 INCHES of snow....having fun??
Haha yea we got about 2 feet.....the zone leaders came up and helped dig us
out's crazy stuff up there! And still snowing...we'll
probably have to do it again tomorrow....

Are you warm enough-  Yes !  The Hiltons were Brilliant with the Canada jacket  and I think of them Everyday when  I am WARM!
And the NANA BOOTS came just in time, the big snow is here…and I have warm feet!

So sorry for no email....this was a tough week. I could use a few prayers this way...blah. I don't know if you remember Marisa Parco?She was beautiful and fun and kind and everything a woman should be.  She was my roommate at school during summer school. Apparently she had lymphoma and died this week. I pray for her family and friends and my heart hurts. It's hit me a little harder than I's been a tough week! But the elders, were saying goodnight after a planning meeting and they were just like "does one of you need a blessing?" I'm so grateful for the spirit and the priesthood...I am  being very humbled and the Lord is just giving me opportunity after opportunity to be humble and receive a priesthood blessing. I'm grateful for this gospel and can't wait to talk to you next week! Sorry it's so short.....but I love you all.

Love, Sister Hodgson

She sent this last week...but I thought it fit for this week...keep her in your prayers please

Thursday, December 10, 2015

WEEK 28- It the CHRISTMAS SEASON and there is SNOW and I want to BECOME

Merry start of the Christmas season!!!! Holy cow, Christmas is the best!! And this is the first time I've had snow at Christmas time...kinda terrifying a bit....but thank goodness I have my new BOOTS!! Thank you Nana for the early Christmas present…They are AWESOME!!'re a lifesaver!!!:)

So....busy week full of meetings upon meetings again! Haha meetings with president Bingham, the high council, Zone Leaders, other missionaries, etc...we had MLC this week and it was amazing as usual!! 

Some things that I've been pondering lately is our focus as missionaries. As missionaries, our focus should be on our purpose. It seems so eternally obvious, but it's true! If we start to loose focus on why we are out here, we start to loose the things we've come to learn…... on the other hand, if everything we do is focused on our purpose, which is to invite others come unto Christ, then our thoughts, words and actions will follow! As will the miracles

One question I've been asking myself lately is how focused I am on my calling to serve?? Am I willing to leave behind Rebecca and become Sister Hodgson? I hope and pray so. I think that's a question we can all ask the Lord in one way or another. Am I willing to leave behind the person I was, to become the person YOU need me to be? 

With the mission change from rules to principles there have been lots of questions asked as to what's okay and what's not. The only things were keeping are the things that are stated or showed in the white handbook, missionary health guide, etc. Everything is now focused on "does this help me fulfill my purpose?" Or "does this take away from my purpose?"
If we just unwillingly go by the rules because that's what our mission president told us to, one day, when we're home and don't have to live by those rules anymore, we just got back to who we were before. Eek. That's one thing that I pray I don't do. This life is about CHANGE and BECOMING. And being on a mission gives you that opportunity on steroids. In doctrine and covenants, 74:4 it talks about how as we follow the traditions of others and rules, we're not converted to the gospel or the Lord but as we change from rules to principles, we have the opportunity to understand the WHY behind things and are able to self govern better and learn how to become who the Lord needs us to be. 

Anyway, there's my little rant for the week...haha missions are GREAT!

So we were studying and I started to feel tired so I went outside barefoot to wake up…WOW it gets cold here!!

D  has been having NIGHTLY FAMILY PRAYER WITH HER KIDS AND SHES BEEN SAYING THE PRAYER OUT LOUD. Amazing what joy is found in talking to our father in heaven.
We are getting to teach and serve more, had several friends at the Christmas devotional ( wasn’t that WONDERFUL) And at church.  We all are just BECOMING!!

Okay SOOO sorry this is so scattered!! I'm pretty scatterbrained today. Haha but I just love you so much! I love being  here in Helena. I wouldn't change it for the world!! I'm so excited to spend this Christmas time here in Helena with an amazing Ward and an amazing companion!! I definitely miss you back home but also feel SOOO eternally blessed to be here Love you tons!!

Sister Hodgson

Friday, December 4, 2015

WEEK 27- Exact Obedience

Wow. What an amazing week! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
We had a great thanksgiving here!  One house with empty nesters who we adore and another full of children to play with. Both full of food and love.

First of all…its SNOWING here!!

Believe it or not I have been on the mission for 6 months!!  Wow the time goes SO fast!!


Transfers were Wonderful ~ some of the MTC crowd got to share hugs and swap stories!!  Love these ladies!!

So to be completely honest, this last little bit has been crazy.
Sister Rasmussen and I have been obedient, definitely! But we just
felt something lacking. We were being obedient, doing the things we
were supposed to, checking some boxes, etc but the work was just
slowing Goodness gracious, I KNEW there was work here in Helena. The
Lord has prepared people to come closer to Him, but why weren't we
finding them?? So I started to really evaluate myself and my
missionary work from the beginning till now. The thing that was truly
standing out to me was obedience, total obedience where you give it all up to God.
Specifically with morning studies With a billion exchanges, sketchy  wifi  and
all these other excuses, we were doing studies but we were justifying
being a little  late, or not having a solid study
We just felt we could have been doing way more and being more exactly obedient. We and
those that we were teaching and the work were receiving blessings, but
for this to truly be the Lord's work, we need miracles. We need the
Lords power. So we changed. Ever since that day we talked and prayed
and realized this, we've been diligently studying and being exactly
obedient. And holy cow. The miracles come!! There have been way too
many to even count! But I'll just share a few quick ones…..

A sister  who has been struggling with her son and busy work etc…she is REALLY making an effort
But sometimes just feels she does not get answers.
We had a lesson together and went over and talked about prayer and feeling
Gods love.  As we were planning for a lesson with her this week, Sister Rasmussen
and I felt really strongly that it was time for her to say a prayer
out loud. That she was ready. She's very shy and quiet
We just talked all about prayer
and what it is. We talked about the simplicity of prayer and how we
are literally talking to our Father in Heaven
And holy cow, she offered the sweetest, most genuine,
powerful prayer. The Spirit flooded the room and there was
no mistaking God's love for everyone in that room, especially D
Ahhh God loves us!! So much! He wants to hear from us. Let Him!

Another sister has just been so many things…we talked about praying
For peace and she really has noticed a difference in her life with that simple prayer

C is  another one! …
She's been avoiding us. Then out of the blue,
she FINALLY responds to our texts and calls and invited us over for
last night! And wow. The Lord prepared her! She said "I can't even
explain it and I have no clue why, but I just really felt this pull to
have you sisters over again”
We had the best lesson ever
Last one I promise! Haha this is a woman named S. Sister Rasmussen and her last companion Sister Cutler met her when she was moving in but haven't been able to get ahold of her since. We felt like we should stop by, even though she's NEVER there when we try her. And guess what. She was there!! She invited us in .  Were meeting with her again tomorrow and holy cow. She's amazing !!

So funny story I know mom will LOVE!..... 
Also, last one I promise! But today during studies we were sitting
there and we heard someone trying to open the front door! No knocking
but pushing and turning the handle and stuff trying to get
in....sounded really rough too like a big guy! And us, being forever
out of town, NO ONE COMES BY OUR CABIN. Ever. So we were a little
alarmed.....haha so naturally we grab the BB gun and hard metal shoe
thing to go see what was up....we saw big boot prints walking to and
from and around the house but no one was there! Haha creepy story for
the day. But we felt pretty intimidating cause we must have scared him
off. Haha

I can truly testify that God hears our
prayers. We need to reach out and open the door for Him, He's always
there waiting but we have to show our willingness. Whether it's
praying out loud, reading scriptures,, or being
exactly obedient, HE IS THERE. Always. He never leaves us
alone...sometimes we stray from Him but He is always there for us. I'm
so grateful for that! I'm so grateful for the atonement of our Savior
Jesus Christ

 Work hard, pray always and love much!

Sister Hodgson