Monday, May 30, 2016

WEEK 52- Shenanigans with new comp!!

Holy cow. Crazy week!!

Soooo transfers! First off can I just say how wonderful it is to be
comps with Sister Fletcher?! Gosh I love this woman. Literally, we
were emailing the week before and she was serving in Billings and I
was like "don't forget to tell president that we need to be
companions!!" And she's like "maybe I'll come to Missoula and we can
finally serve together!" And then guess what happened. We became
companions! Haha I don't think President knows what he just got
himself into;) but it's gona be a blast. We honestly laugh so much.
Haha when our members met sister Fletcher they were like "the first
night you were here, we expected it to be awkward, tiptoeing around
trying to get to know your new companions...then all we heard was
laughing!" Haha and it's true. We have wayyyyy too much fun;) but
we've been working our little patooties off! It's been a week full of
exhaustion and miracles and breaking things and shenanigizing.

The first day after we got back from transfers was spent helping a set
of sisters clean out their apartment. They moved to the elders old
apartment and it…need some loving….BOYS!

So things kept getting broken this week. People keep breaking things
(like the commandments) and it's causing us stress!! Haha seriously
though. Can't say too much but whatever you do...don't dang break the

We had some interesting and hilarious lessons this week...

 our ward mission leader told us we
can start teaching  J again and preparing him for
baptism! But the fun part is, we had to tell him he's excommunicated.
Bishop said  J doesn't remember it at
went in for the lesson and let me tell you, J can talk…so we were just all chatting away!
Love that man to death!
it was getting close to curfew and we
still had to tell him he had to get rebaptized and things. Sister
Fletcher and I kept quietly tapping each other under the table like
"you do it! You tell him..." Haha it was going nowhere. We kept trying
to think of nice ways to tell him and not offend him or make it sound
bad but nothing was coming or working...So finally at the end, we were
about to close and I just blurted out "so Jonathan, you're
excommunicated." *cricket noise* Not gona lie, one of the most awkward
moments of my mission. Haha not the way we wanted to tell him at all
and probably not the most tactful. But it ended up working out
okay...He actually really understood and wasn't offended and we were
able to talk about why he can get rebaptized and things like that. I
guess he just needed it bold and straight forward, not all fluffy like
we were trying to make it. Such a testament that the Lord knows what
His children need and how they need we just have to do it His


Anyway, every week, is an adventure! Always lots of stories but never know what to share
. So now the miracles. Holy cow. So we've
been cranking through our lists from the Ward and the area book and
meeting some amazing people! It's been awesome. But one of the coolest
parts of this week was when we met J and B! So on the way to
church, I guess we just got ready extra fast and when we left, we were
right on schedule to get to church right on time (aka 15 minutes
early) but we literally hit every green light and there was ZERO
traffic or anything it was SOOO weird for Missoula. So we ended up
getting there almost 30 minutes early! We were like "well obviously we
were supposed to get here early for some..." Haha we walked in and
were by the door saying hi as people walked in and right then, J
and B walked in. We didn't recognize them so we went over and
started talking to them. J is an inactive member and B is
his soon-to-be-wife. They walked in and  They're super sweet and just
moved here. J said he wants to get  back to church and
B said she's hoping to get baptized.

I love how evident the Lord's hand is, even in
the little things. We just HAPPENED to get ready super fast and
HAPPENED to hit every green light (which is impossible in Missoula)
and make it to the church just in time to meet Jeff and Brittany.

A wonderful part of the week was ARP lessons.  I  Obviously can’t go into
Any detail about the Adiction Recovery Program….but leave it to say amazing strong
People dong Great things and it makes my heart very happy!!

Gosh. Holy cow I just love being a missionary. Sometimes were super
awkward, sometimes we just happen to be where we need to be, but no
matter what, this is the Lords work. We feel His love for others and
witness miracles. And I couldn't be more grateful. Love you. Have an
awesome week!

Sister Hodgson

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week 51- Transfers and Coffe...a picture is worth a lot of words


Soo....we had an AWESOME lesson with R this week! He struggles wwith the habit of drinking coffee every on exchanges,sister Felemi and I went to see them. It was SUCH an awesome lesson. The spirit was super strong and we talked all about serving God. It was so cool how the conversation turned to the word of wisdom and we
had an awesome talk about it.  His wife gave some suggestions of others things to replace the coffee addiction...  He said  "no, I want to come closer to Christ and
have an eternal family and make my body healthy...I don't want to give
up one addiction for another" . He has so much faith! He poured out his coffee and told us to take the maker
away! And he is kicking that addiction! Gosh he's amazing!!

SOOO....after our awesome lesson with R, we talked and I had
mentioned working at Jamba Juice and how good smoothies are and he's
like "I know! That's it! I'll make smoothies in the morning instead of
coffee!!" So he went out bought a blender that night! Then we came
back the next morning and made smoothies with him and Jessica!!

Also-he said the one thing he wanted was a smoothie cup with superman
on it. So we went to the store and bought a blue cup(his fave color)
and put superman stickers on it. Just for fun! Hahaha gosh I love this


 This is REALLY our Zone :)

Sister Freeman got released as a sister training leader and is going
to a little town called Shelby (up on the High line in the Great Falls
zone!!!!) and she'll be training a new missionary! She's excited and
she's gona kill it!!! It's the perfect place and she LOVES the small
towns so she's excited:)
And I'm staying here and training a new sister training leader. Guess
who it is....SISTER FLETCHER FROM THE MTC!!! Haha it's gona be a fun
Sorry Crazy busy getting things for Transfers but I love you very much, Sister Hodgie

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WEEK 50- justs a few pictures...Love you !

This week was a bit crazy...but full of wonderful!

These are pictures from our zone car wash this week! We had
missionaries out holding signs and getting the crowd in, we had book
of Mormons and pass along cards and things and it was a HUGE
success!!!  It was awesome. We were super busy! And got to talk to
tons of people!!
  we came home from church and found this on our door! It
was the sweetest!
 It was so great to see you too! Gosh I loved seeing your faces and
hearing your personalities! Not that you forget those things...but
they become distant! It's weird...but it was so good to see and hear
you too! And I hope you had an amazing Mothers day! You deserve the
very best.
 So this is the enormous bug I told you about! It was huge.
We've killed 7 in the past 3 days. Crazy!! Haha they're huge and you
can hear them wherever you go. It's terrifying. Then it flew into my
face! Almost in my mouth. Nasty. Then I killed it and was super
excited. Haha

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!! We love you!!!!! ❤️❤️

P.S. Sorry about the squinty eye. I got pegged during pod ball and
it's kinda swollen.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

WEEK 49- Moroni is watching you

Holy cow, another week flown by!! How the heck does that keep
Last week for P-day it was Windy so we flew kites!

This week we went on a hike and we found a TURTLE!


 To be honest, I don't even know what we did this week. It
went by way too fast. But as this is the Lord's work, we had some
amazing miracles and adventures!!

So we had exchanges this week with the Sisters serving in Frenchtown
so that was way fun. They came here and it was great to swap things up
and work with them! I was with Sister Decker and she's awesome!
 On the way driving back to our area she was
telling me about some of the goals they have set as a district and one
of them was to have 3 awkward conversations a day (aka 3
out-of-your-comfort-zone conversation starters that we might normally
walk away from) so we decided to reach that goal.
Missionary work thrives in awkwardness, I
can testify of that.

We also had an awesome experience tracting this week. We haven't been
straight tracting in a while because of the nature of our mission now,
we often don't just set hours aside to go tracting but we just find
and talk to people and tract by inspiration as we go
This week we were on a street in our ward and we  really felt like
we needed to tract the whole street.
We found a great family…the dad was a recent convert.
 They moved here about 2 months ago.
 It was amazing because our ward had no info on this family because his records didn't get sent
over when they moved here.

Another great time we had this week was in a lesson with R. We
were watching a Mormon message and in it, it had a quick snap of the
Salt Lake City temple. He was like "Woah, what's THAT?" And his wife
was like "that's one of the temples where we're going to get sealed
one day!" It was so sweet and the Spirit was so strong. We spent a
little bit of time looking at pictures of the different temples and
each sharing experiences of the love and peace that we have felt while
in the temple or on the grounds. It was a tender lesson and it just
strengthened my testimony so much of the temple. I miss it so much! I
haven't been in 11 months and being able to bear testimony and hear
other's testimonies of the peace and love that comes from the temple
helped me to remember the joy and the beauty of being near the house
of the Lord. 

We were able to serve in the special Olympics ( very cool).
And we helped a lady whose rental got thrashed so we all worked to help mend it!
We also had dinner in the family S’s home this week and afterwards, got
to have a lesson. We were nervous for this one because R has had
some issues with the Word of Wisdom. To be honest, it was kinda a
tough lesson. Every distraction that could have happened, did happen.
Holy cow… throughout the course of the night, we had fighting kids, chipped
teeth and a vegetarian trying to eat a hamburger and almost throwing
up and so much more. It was a little crazy and we really felt like
Satan did not was us to teach this lesson tonight. But I can
definitely testify of the Spirit working wonders. It was a little bit
of a weird mix, but we felt like we needed to teach the plan of
salvation again alongside with the Word of Wisdom. Through doing that,
we were able to tie everything back to the atonement, and eternal
families with God. It turns out it was also the year anniversary of
R's Mom passing away. Somehow, the Spirit came in and taught and
the things that were needed to be understood were understood. Things
that needed to be testified of were testified of, and things that
needed to be committed to, were committed to. Randy committed to do
his best to live the word of wisdom and it was amazing because he said
"It's gonna be tough. But I just have to remember this is all for an
eternal family

Also, funny side note, R pronounces Moroni like Muh-or-nee because
he thinks it sounds like a noodle. He did it on accident at first but
now he just thinks it's hilarious. When we were looking at pictures of
the temple, he asked what the "gold guy" was on top. We explained that
it was the angle Moroni and he was like "Muronee!? What are ya doin up
there??" So now his new thing to help him  is to think of
the temple  "Moroni is watchin you". Haha it's a lot more funny in
person. But now whenever we're tempted, we can remind all remind each
other that Moroni is watching us! Aka Stay temple worthy.

So these are just a few of  the adventures of the week. To be
honest, I learned SOO much this week but most of it was pretty
internal and tough to put in an email. But I got a lot of  questions
answered this week. I was able to look at myself and the missionary
work that I was doing an evaluate who I am, who I am becoming, who I
really want to become and who the Lord needs me to become. It was a
little rough at first but I can just testify of the power of prayer
and the power of faith. I know without a doubt that the Lord is here
for each of us. He wants each of us to grow and become the person He
needs us to be.
 I'm grateful that there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth
zone. I know that life isn't always meant to be comfortable and how
amazing is that? We get the chance every second of every day to grow
and become. How amazing is this life?! I love you so much and hope you
have an amazing week. Can't wait to see your faces on skype next week!
And happy Mother's Day (a little early) Mommy

Sister Hodgson