Saturday, June 4, 2016

WEEK 53- The secret Knock and One year !!

Holy cow! What a whirlwind of a week! Can I just say what an amazing week it's been?! We seriously are exhausted. But that's the way we
like it! We've been running non stop.
We had MLC this week which was AMAZING. I love getting to see
President and Sister Wadsworth. They're the best:) funny story - We had
pizza for lunch, and Sister Wadsworth ate a piece of one that was super spicy! So I went to get one of the same and President was standing by the pizza. He saw me going for the spicy one and he's like "Now Sister Hodgson, you better watch out! I want you to be careful...the spicy stuff might taste a lot like bear spray." Hahaha
Literally it never fails-every time I see president, every email he has some new reference to bear spray.  It's super impressive how creative he's gotten! Haha love him to death:)

 THE MTC gang!!


Anyway, super insane week! We hit the ground running HARD! We were going through cleaning out our area book and we've been finding people like crazy! Our area has been super hoppin with less active work which
is awesome!  And can I just say when you set goals with the Lord, things work out?! We met D… she's
met with missionaries before but never got baptized because she was having trouble keeping the had been quite a while so we figured we would visit  her again.  We had an amazing lesson with her! Turns out, one of the reasons she's been having trouble keeping the commandments is because she's missing the "why" behind it.  We talked about prophets and she had a super skewed perception of what a prophet is.  It was so sweet to hear her say "Well if a prophet really speaks for God, then I better do what they say to do, right?" It
was precious.  We look forward to meeting with her.

We also had another awesome miracle this week!! So Sister Fletcher and
I are praying to see miracles here in our area.  And by golly we are seeing them! So we had a referral from a member that we felt super good about but couldn't seem to ever get a hold of her. We tried her countless times at different times of the day, different days,
everything and she never answered. So One night we pulled up and decided that this would be our last time trying to contact her before we would have to drop her. We prayed hard before going to her door for a miracle that she would be home and answer the door. We  knocked and no answer. We knocked answer. We decided to knock one more time.  So my super inspired companion busts out this random knock in a
weird pattern that we had never done before.  A few seconds later the door swings open and she's like "John! What are you doing?! Oh. You aren't John." She went on to explain that she and her neighbor have a secret knock that they do and she never answers the door to anyone
except that knock! Haha woah! She's like "How did you know the knock?!" Haha the Spirit told Sister Fletcher, that's how!! Haha. We are super excited to be meeting with her tomorrow! Turns out she later contacted the member that referred her to us and shared a
quote from the AA program that she's going through that basically said "If religion knocks on your door you better listen" and she thanked him for sending us. Such an awesome miracle!! Always pray in faith! Miracles happen!

J is also doing good...were teaching him, getting him ready to be re-baptized. He's doing so good! Gosh I love him.

It's so hard to fit a whole weeks worth of stuff into one email! Especially when it's a "missionary time" week
and it seems like it's a month long but also 2 seconds at the same time...if that makes any sense?

So...we hit our year mark. It marks a full year of the best things of my life. Some of the toughest but 100% the best. I've met the most amazing people, laughed the hardest laughs, and cried the hardest cries. But my testimony of this gospel was strengthened in ways I
never thought it would until it happens. I can just testify that our Savior is amazing. I love Him so much and my testimony of the
Atonement has been strengthened tremendously. I couldn't do any part of
this without Him.
I love you all! Hope you have an amazing week!!

Sister Hodgson

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