Thursday, November 17, 2016

WEEK 77- Busier and busier

Hola family!!
Super busy week! We were gone at MLC Monday-Wednesday, home for
Thursday, in Gillette on Friday and then home sweet home for Sunday:)
busy week but so amazing. MLC is always such a spiritual highlight.
And it was amazing to see everyone.

 Sadly I had to bear my last testimony at Mission Leadership Meeting ( MLC) …and say good bye to some great Life time friends.

 Beloved sister Wong  (tear)                                                           My "greenie" how I love her <3

Leslie is doing great! She's such a champ.
She came to us and asked us where the tithing envelopes are. She's amazing!!!
She had the flu this week and couldn't come to church and was
distraught because she wanted to bear her testimony. But they took the
sacrament to her which she really appreciated. She's so amazing. I
just love her!!  She is such an example to me.

Another fun moment of the week was we made the largest pile of leaves
in the world and got to jump in it! Haha it was super fun to do some
service for some members in the other ward and get out in the
beautiful weather.


AND...its hunting season in Wyoming!

So another awesome highlight of this week was Kathy.
And my oh my she is amazing. She has some family that are LDS and lots of co –workers
And friends   We had the opportunity to teach her in her Friends home and it was
such a special experience. They have been working with her for 9 years
preparing her to take the discussions and she finally said she is
ready. It was one of the most amazing  experiences of my mission.
When we shared Joseph Smith's first vision she just sat there with tears in
her eyes. Then said "I wish I could have that experience." It was such
a beautiful moment.  

Anyway, the weeks are getting busier and busier! We have 2 exchanges
next week so we're super pumped. The work is amazing. I'm so so
grateful to be serving here! Love you all so much!! Have an amazing

Sister Hodgson                                                       Sometimes I am just SOOO tired...



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