Thursday, November 24, 2016

Week 78- Grateful for the book of Mormon...and my misison

Happy thanksgiving!!

Busy week this week....

 We were able to serve ….

And we  had a district Breakfast ( me and my compy making breakfast!)

We had two exchanges this week! One after preparation day with Sister Robertson and sister Brooks. They're such champs! We were able to get a hold of lots of investigators who have like fallen off the planet so that was a huge miracle! Super awesome day full of lots of finding. We also got in contact with a former investigator, Ry. He is so awesome! He almost got baptized a while ago but couldn't kick word of wisdom issues. But a few weeks ago, Sister Wong and I were coming back from an appointment and saw a guy down the street. So we ran to catch up with him (yes, we might have literally ran...haha) and started

talking with him...turns out it was Ry!

We had our first snow!!

This is me making ELK NACHOS!!! Haha this is me. Cooking raw meat. Game meat.
 ( we love her face with the raw elk!!)

The other day we were driving to our last stop of the night in Ranchester, our little branch. We saw this lady standing outside and felt like we needed to talk with her. So we awkwardly pulled to the side of the road, got out and went up to her. Turns out her name is R and she's super nice. We were able set a time to

come back and share a message with her. We went by a few days later on

exchanges.. We had planned to share a specific message when we stopped by, as we were talking with her, we felt prompted to share a video with her. It was a little

weird because we felt like we should share the Easter video. And it's

thanksgiving. Haha but we did anyway. It was amazing to see the Spirit

work within them.

Her husband was kinda puttering around the garage.

But when the video got going, he kept coming closer and closer to

listen and watch. By the end of the video, the whole family was just

sitting quietly watching. Then afterward, R with tears starting

to fill her eyes said "that right there...That's what I believe!

That's what you believe too? I thought you didn't believe in Christ?"

R was raised Catholic and her parents weren't super fond of other

religions, especially "the Mormons" so she had grown up believing that

we worship prophets and don't believe in Christ. It was a so special

to be able to testify of our savior Jesus Christ and what belief in

Him has done for me and my family. As R and T began to recognize

that our message truly is centered in Christ, their whole countenance

changed.  It so cool to see how faith in Christ makes

such a difference. Our message is truly centered on Him.

One more awesome miracle of the week. We have been working with this

investigator, Lori for the last few weeks. She was raised RLDS and has

lots of questions. She has had some serious concerns about the Book of

Mormon and hadn't been reading , So we  went by and really felt prompted to focus on the

 Book of Mormon one more time. We asked questions and shared the video "God's words never cease".

 (It's so awesome. If you have to seen it go watch it.) We invited her to

start from the beginning of the Book of Mormon and read a little bit

and we would come back the next day. It was SO cool to see the

difference!. It always amazes me to see the impact that comes from the Book of Mormon

and exchange of heart that can come from reading it and finding Christ

in its pages.

Such an awesome week!! I hope you all have an amazing week and enjoy

thanksgiving!! And pray for us! We have a bunch of dinners. Haha happy


So grateful for-

-the atonement of Jesus Christ

-warm tights and scarves

-fruits and veggies

-an endless supply of pamphlets and pass along cards

-all the game meat that we eat


-4 wheel drive

-tithing funds that buy us food

-amazing member who fellowship T in the Ward

-good missionaries to serve with

-amazing mission President and wife

-the best family in the world


 I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. It is such a

blessing in life. I am grateful for this gospel and for my Savior

Jesus Christ. This life is truly amazing. And such a gift. Enjoy every

second! Love you!!


Sister Hodgson

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