Saturday, December 3, 2016

WEEK 79- # LIGHTtheworld

Hola mi famila!

What a crazy busy week! It started off with exchanges down in

Burlington. The sisters there are KILLER! Such a great time. Also, the

Sisters serving there habla espanol part time so we got to practice

our Spanish skills. I said a prayer in Spanish! And learned a few

essential phrases like "el libro de Mormon" and "donde esta el bańo"

so we're pretty much Spanish missionaries now. It was an

awesome exchange. It lasted till Wednesday morning and we had to leave

at like 6 to make it back in time for district meeting. But there

wasn't too much snow and we made it there and back alive.
I have bought a few souveniers and money was running low...PB&J on Tortillas.....not ideal.

Once we got back home to Sheridan we saw some awesome miracles. We met

with P. We came by to have a lesson with him and he goes "guess

what. I haven't smoked in 31 days!" Whaat?! So exciting. We asked him

how he was feeling and he said "I just feel like a weight has been

lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I can feel more  how Christ wants me to

feel now!!


Thursday was a very happy thanksgiving! Full of lots of food. Lots of

it.  We went at 1 to help the Jensens make thanksgiving dinner and

had round one with them! They are such an awesome family our in

Ranchester branch. They had their kids in town from college and work

and stuff so it was way fun to be with the whole family. 

Round 2 we went to Davis' home. She's a recent convert that just got married and

moved into the 3rd Ward. She is so sweet and let us come

join her and her family.

The third and final round was with Leslie!

Gosh I just love her. It was the perfect way to end the night. We had

a wonderful dinner with her and then watched the Cokeville Miracle

together. Such a wonderful inspiring movie! Loved it. If you haven't

seen it go watch it!

My favorite part of that one is at the end it talks about how although this instance

ended miraculously, not every situation turns out like this. Then it

goes on to say how we have to remember that in Christ's time, not

every leper was healed and not every blind person was made to see. But

our job isn't to focus on that, it's to focus on the times when we DO

see the hand of the Lord in our lives; big or small. I'm so grateful

for my wonderful family back home and your support and also a

wonderful home away from home here in Wyoming to spend thanksgiving

with. It's these kind of blessings that help us recognize the Lord's

hand in each of our lives. Also-Leslie is getting her patriarchal

blessing next week! We are so excited for her. She is just doing so

well and is so faithful and incredible.

Friday was a super awesome day. They had the annual Christmas Stroll

here in Sheridan so they shut down Main Street and everyone sets up

booths and the shops are open and they have Christmas music and lights

and everything. So our district got a booth and shared a bunch of Book

of Mormons (or copies of the Book of Mormon as my companion reminds

me;) haha), videos, pass along cards and the new Christmas initiative

#LIGHTtheworld. It's so awesome because literally like the WHOLE town

is there. Even though it was freezing cold, everyone was out walking

around visiting with each other. -fun fact-it was so cold our Book of

Mormons that were sitting on the table froze. Haha gotta love Wyoming

weather it was a perfect way to kick of the Christmas season by sharing our testimonies

of Christ with everyone we saw.

Last little miracle of the week is Travin. He is such a stellar kid! Loves coming to church

And helping in any way he can. He Shines!

 We got to teach primary in Ranchester branch yesterday which

was SO fun. And it was a blast to see Travin in with the other kids!

He knows all of their names and one of the members gave him a triple

combination and he is just SO excited. Every scripture that people

share he's like "do you want me to look that one up?"

Well I don't really understand how this keeps happening but the weeks

just keep going by faster and faster. It's kinda not okay. But I am so

grateful for this time that I have to serve my Heavenly Father here in

Sheridan and Ranchester. I am grateful for wonderful holidays to help

us to remember to be grateful and to remember our Savior. And I'm SO

pumped for the Christmas season. It's one of my favorite times to do

missionary work! Despite the cold. :) also if you haven't watched the

new Christmas video #LIGHTtheworld go to or right

now and watch it. It so good. It's a perfect way to help remind us all

of the true meaning of Christmas and the true Light of the world. I am

so grateful for Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. I know He is

my Savior and that He lives and loves us. Hope you all have a

wonderful week and start to the Christmas season!

P.S.-family have fun watching White Christmas!! Gotta love Christmas
traditions...LOVE YOU!  ( Little does she know we are waiting this year :) 


Sister Hodgson

FOOD COMA after 3 wonderful Thanksgiving Dinners with Great families!!

My GREAT Zone!!   Love these peeps!!


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