Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 3- Great falls, fire alarms and witches...I am in Montana

We were able to talk to Rebecca while she was at the airport getting ready to fly out of SLC . She  spoke  a lot about her AMAZING district and how much she loves them.  Her companion Sister Cox  and her whole district.....with a slogan about getting past Satan's  pocket knife...hahahaha  She knew saying good bye would be hard because all that growth together creates life long friends
June 15th , 2015   
 My lovely family!!!
Okay first off, business. YES I got the package! Thank you so much!! Everyone was like "that's HUGE! Obviously your family loves you" ahaha ;) So nice to be WARM though! That's gonna come in handy so thank you so much.( we mailed a large warm comforter) Carly and Sean's baby is SO CUTE! Kyra is Adorable!
SO...this week was CRAZY!! We all flew into Montana and got there around 12:30 and President and Sister Mecham were there to pick us up, along with the Assistants to President McGrath, Curtis and Nelson. We all went back to the mission home and had lunch, then went straight off to training!
Then we had dinner at the mission home and us sisters went to a hotel to sleep while the elders stayed at the mission home. The next morning we got to go to the Billings Temple. SO BEAUTIFUL! Holy cow….. really its gorgeous. We had an amazing meeting before and some time at the end to just pray and read scriptures and ponder why we are all here. President asked us specifically to pray to be re-committed to being a missionary. It was one of the coolest experiences I've had. The Spirit was so strong. You could really feel the commitment and the desire oozing(kinda a gross word but the only one that accurately describes it) from every missionary there it was incredible.

 Then we did some more training, and found out where were going to be sent off to! It was so fun to see where everyone was going! We're all pretty spread out! I got assigned to Great Falls with sister Adair as my trainer! Super exciting.
After dinner with everyone, things started to get exciting. We drove to downtown Billings (kinda like downtown Sac but way smaller. No tall buildings just lots of small shops) and they divided us into companionships and gave us all 2 copies of the Book of Mormon and a stack of pass along cards and said "Come back in an hour and a half empty handed!" haha we were all pretty wide eyed but we set to work! I was with Sister Granotos and we literally could not find ANYONE to talk to. We saw people walking around but never crossed paths with anyone for some reason. Finally we remembered we didn't pray yet. As soon as we prayed, we found people on every corner! And just started opening our mouths and sharing! It was so incredible.  We just shared what we believe to be true and people were super nice! At one point, there was a couple sitting on a bench. We got talking and shared a verse from the book of Mormon with them. Sister Granotos was great and really got them talking and thinking and they accepted the Book of Mormon! They are so sweet. While we were talking to them, another guy walked by and said "hey sisters!" in passing. Sister Granotos and I looked at each other and we were like "We need to talk to him." So she kept talking to the couple on the bench and I stopped the guy walking past. His name is S and turns out his family was Mormon but he hasn't gone to church since he was a kid. We talked for a while and I asked him if he wanted the missionaries to visit….he said "You know...yea I really would. I want my girlfriend, T, to meet with you guys again too, she and I both need this" It was SO AMAZING!  Sadly, Sister Granotos and I don't get to meet with him cause we were both leaving the next day, but the Billings missionaries will be able to meet with him and Tiffany and I can't wait to hear how things go. It really is incredible how, when you pray to have the Spirit with you, the Lord will guide you to where He needs you to be. We are here to help God's children come to Christ. If we really focus on that, we can be instruments in Christ's hands. It is such a blessing. Towards the end of our contacting it started POURING rain! It was insane, but it was so cool to just see a whole bunch of new missionaries and APs running around in the rain, sharing the gospel. I've never seen so many wet smiles. It was the best.
So the next morning we all climbed in a van and drove about 4 hours to Helena. There we all said bye and spilt up!( that was hard) We met our trainers and everyone went their separate ways!
 I'm with Sister Adair and she is AWESOME! Shes from St George and has been out about 4 months. We're in Great Falls, and we have a ward and 2 Branches. The missionaries before us, there were a set of elders and a set of sisters over these 3 congregations,  but now its just sister Adair and I! It’s a little crazy cause we got doubled in so neither of us know the area or the people. And we don't really have any records for the area so its going to be a learning curve! It takes about an hour to get from the ward  to the branc, so we REALLY have to plan our time and our miles good so we don't go over. Its gonna be a SUPER busy time but it will be incredible! We went to the ward this week and we will rotate each week. We say a lot of prayers and just hope that the wards and branches can continue to be patient with us as we do our best!
Well,  Everyone has to have an exciting first week right??  We were going to meet with a member from the ward who needed a visit. Her name is K. we got there to her apartment complex and the fire alarm was blaring and there were fire trucks coming. We got a little nervous so we just called her and waited outside cause we didn't think we could really go up to 4th floor to meet her. People were coming out of the building so we got talking with them. The more we looked around the more we realized what a sketchy part of town we were in. People would shout things that, I'm sure were meant to be a compliments, but didn't exactly come across as such...haha  Well we finally got ahold of K and her friend N  and  we had an incredible discussion with him. He’s having trouble with his living situation.  He is having trouble telling what good promptings are, and what are not so good. We read in Ether and talked about how to listen and follow the spirit!
After we were done with N, K said she needed us to meet her friend…. we come in and it smells like really special smoke. hahah  Its a really interesting living situation. After we got talking for a while, we find out that she is a Wicca. She is a practicing Witch and she was super interesting to talk to. haha she talked about her beliefs and we shared a bit of ours. After talking with her a while, it was getting late and we really needed to go. haha very interesting night.
 Sorry for the long email again…. haha God loves us, I love you and we love everyone!
Until next week!!
w/ <3
-Sister Hodgson

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