Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 5- EEk time goes fast here!!


Hello hello:) crazy busy week!

We were all over the place this week. We had an awesome district
meeting and talked about involving members in the work. Overlook ward is SO awesome and willingly come work and serve with us!  We brought a member with us to almost all of our lessons this week! It really is such a blessing for the missionaries to have another member there to testify. And it's an even bigger blessing for those who are learning about the gospel because they get to see and hear from a REAL point of view the blessings of the church in ever day life. So if you haven't had a chance to go out with the missionaries in your area DO IT! Cause it's awesome.

This week Sister Adair and I went to help P ( an new member of our church) paint her house. We talked about  the "Mormon rules" as she calls them so we've been focusing a lot on the blessings (physically, mentally, spiritually, etc) that come from being obedient. God doesn't just give us "rules" to abide by just to make life harder for us to be obedient. He gives us guidelines that we use to us to help us stay on the right path and keep us safe. It is  completely out of love and we are SO beyond blessed to have His guidance.

We also got the chance to go help at the 5 stake youth conference.
They did a whole thing on missionary work and had Moroni (one of the YM leaders) ride out on a horse and raise the title of liberty. The
they all divided into stakes and each kid had a shield that they made with things they're fighting for (family, friends, religion, the
gospel, etc) and a sword. They had a huge battle till everyone died.
Then they played army of Hellman and U.S. Missionaries came out from the sides singing. The seniors took their top shirts off and had a "future missionary" shirt underneath. We helped the seniors up and they joined us in the center singing. The Spirit in that room was
incredible. It was such an awesome experience. It really was a
testimony to me of why I'm out here. We are here to lift one another and do the Lords work. I love this gospel so much and have seen how much light it brings into my life. And dang I sure do want share that light with others!

This week, we were going for our weekly appointment with N. We got there just in time to see EMTs going into his place.  We were glad his mini seizure passed quickly and he is doing better.I guess he got super dehydrated.  We met with him when he was feeling better and we talked about the word of Wisdom
Substances have a hold on so many these days.  Quitting addictions can be HARD no doubt. But I believe so much of it comes down to our will. How much do we want it and if we truly are willing to ask Christ for help. The atonement is there for us. Christ is there for us. We just need to make the choice to invite Him in.

This week we finally got to meet with Ni. She is AMAZING. She was in the marine corps with her husband but he was killed in action.  She and her 3 year old daughter E have been trying to find their way the past few years. The elders before us tracted into her but
hadn't gotten to set up a return appointment. 
We met with her and E on Thursday and taught the restoration. And holy cow.  The spirit was so strong.  Before we even got the chance to invite her, she asked about baptism. OKAY WHAT.
At the end of the lesson she told us that she had been praying to God for someone help her and her daughter find peace and what to do with her life. Then right after, we texted her. I know that God guides us, His children. If we are ready and willing, He will use us as instruments in His hands to help bring His other children, our brothers and sisters to the light of the gospel.

Wow I love this gospel. I love the people here in Montana and the new friends I am making.  I know that it's true. I pray every day  to have experiences to strengthen me to serve. I pray to be worthy for Christ to use me to help spread the gospel to those who are ready and waiting for it and to serve the people  here.

I love you all! So so much!! Keep reading the Scriptures  and praying. Christ is in the pages of the scriptures. Find him. Love you all!!

W/ <3
 Sister Hodgson

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