Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 4- Ether knows best and Faith gives us strength

Hello my family!

So business first.
Did you get my package? I just love you both a whole lot and miss
you!! Just know I've been thinking about you lots on those days. Love
you so much and thank you for your amazing examples.
AHHH CONGRATS TO HER!!! She just got called to the best mission ever.
Haha ill keep an eye our for sister Frederickson!!

I enclosed a few more MTC pictures I will figure out Montana ones next week mom.

So my comp: sister Melissa Adair is from St George Utah .  Yes she does look a lot
My MTC comp you are right.  It's incredible how the Lord
places us with the right people at the right time to prepare us for
whatever we need to do. Such a blessing. Gosh dang He loves us and
wants us to be the best we can be!!

We live with the whitneys, an AMAZING family!! Brother
Whitney is in the stake presidency and they are awesome! They are so
Open and sharing with their beautiful home ( mommy has address if a friend needs
It but not posting on FB)

Yea we FINALLY got iPads!

Preparation day is busy! We wash the car, clean, email, visit people
, then we get free Dairy
Queen once a week so we might go try that...the the zone meets at the
church and plays pod ball! So that's fun! We have great zone leaders
elder Barney and elder Sumners.

Wow this preparation day came soooo fast! There really aren't enough
hours in a week!! I'll just jump right into things! We've been meeting
a lot of members and less actives trying to get to know the area.
AMAZING PEOPLE!! Really ! Wow we feel blessed. We met with
N again. He's doing AMAZING!! He got rid of all his electronics
to help with some of his battles. And he did it!! He moved out of his
awful living situation!! We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ
and the importance of every step.
Oh gosh he's prepared!! And amazing. He's doing so good!! He has a goal for baptism in July and we're working toward that! He really
has felt a change. Now that he's out of the old living situation and
working on some stuff he says he can feel the Spirit so much stronger
in his life. God loves all his children no matter where we are in
life! It's completely our choice as to whether or not we let Him in.

Thursday we had mission leadership training. It was so good to see the
Mechams again. They really are incredible. We talked about the
importance of being representatives of Christ in all that we do. In
our actions, language, living quarters, every area of life. Our theme
for right now is to Be Believing.
We saw another example of faith in 2 little girls K and Ki
this week. On Friday we got a call from our Fort Benton branch
president saying that he was out of town and needed us to go visit a
family in the hospital. The Coles just went to the temple last week
and finally had the opportunity to be sealed as a family. On the way
home 2 of the girls got sick and ended up in the hospital with really
bad pneumonia in both lungs. We got our district leaders and went to
the hospital to meet them and give them a blessing. They were in
isolation so we had to put on the little masks and suit things before
we could go in. The girls were so sick and their poor mom was having
an awful time. The poor girls so so sick but they had such strong
faith that the blessings would help them. It was such a special
experience to be there with the family and see the power of the
priesthood….we were so blessed to bring some comfort to their family
and their faith and love was incredible to witness.

I know God watches over each and every one of His children. He loves
us. He is there, waiting for us to reach out and invite Him to help.
No matter what our trails are, whether we're guilty, sick, frustrated,
discouraged, or just having a hard week, Christ is right there with
us. He has felt every pain, every heart ache, every sickness, every
tear. We need to let Him in. Have faith.
 Remember Ether knows best. In Ether
12:12 we learn that Miracles come!! But only after the trial of our

I love you all! Until next week :)
W/<3 Sister Hodgson

Fun fact: We named our car Ether cause Ether knows best.

Fun fact: on the way home from mission leadership training the elders
hit a deer and wrecked their car. Our car was totally safe and missed
the deer. Ether knows best.

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