Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WEEK 24 - The Best 2 Years/18 Months FOR Your Life


Oh my goodness!!   It's been SO insane lately.  With moving and hiking and exchanges and just plain going crazy...I'm sorry I haven't written in forever!  But today we're spending unpacking.  Things are busy, but they've been the best ever!!
I'm sorry if it's a little scattered...but it's just
been an awesome past few weeks! 

So the trailer was so sweet of sister S to share with us…we have now moved to the new place... And  it's a cabin in the woods!



And it SNOWS LIKE CRAZY!! We got a foot and a half just overnight. They gave us bear spray to use because their said there are sometimes bears on their porch…Yikes!, but it's BEAUTIFUL!!


We've been doing exchanges a LOT.  We have 8 sets of sisters to cover so it's been LOTS and lots of exchanges!--but oh my goodness exchanges are the BEST!! I learn so much each time!!  There are INCREDIBLE sisters here in MBM and I just feel SO blessed to be able to spend time with them and learn about the way we all do missionary work!

We do a lot of exchanges so I was worried the work would suffer her but somehow the Lord blesses us to fit it all in.   I even got to go back to Great Falls!  I got to go on an exchange with sister Crosland back to Overlook Ward and that was so great!  Her companion Sister Falemi came here to Helena with sister Rasmussen.  While in GF we got to teach D and R and that was SO GOOD TO SEE THEM AGAIN!  They are still on date to be baptized and they're getting married on the 19th probably!!  So excited for them!

Sooooo....the work here in Helena.   Previously, there has been a TON of Rescue work!
which is SO IMPORTANT!!  The savior has taught time and time again about going to find the one. --also, everyone go read the talk by L. Tom Perry "bring souls unto me".   It's so good.  When elder Martino came and talked to our mission, the entire focus was working with members to find who is prepared at this time to hear the gospel.  And holy cow.  When
the Lord gives us a new way to focus our teaching, boy does He provide a way!!

Just one of the stories, brother works with a woman named T who hasn't been to church in years and her boyfriend and son aren't members.  Bro. Cs family invited them to come, and All 3 of them CAME to church!!  People feel the spirit and want to understand it.

Another, a family we visited with with Ward members came and brought all of their children.
It was great to sit with a family and see their eyes as they remember why they used to come to church.

And, last night,  during Ward council we got a referral Sent from my iPad.

We're also working with another family that are Native American and have a large wonderful family.  Some attend our church and some don’t and we have great conversations!!.

It's an amazing area and the Lord is hastening His work.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I love this work!  Missions are seriously the best.  The hardest but the best.  President Wadsworth always says "missions don't always feel like the best 2 years/18 months of your life, but they're truly the best 2 years/18 months FOR your life."  Couldn't be more true.  It's so funny the mixed feelings.  I've never been so aware of my inadequacies!!  Sometimes they just get thrown in your face, it's a blast. Hah.

But I've also never felt so strengthened by the Lord.  So much love, hope and patience.

Well I love you!  I love Montana and I just dang love this work!!  So many amazing people in this world to help move the work along.  We truly are blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Sister Hodgson

A text I received from my Zone Leaders when it started snowing here. 

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