Thursday, November 26, 2015

Week 26- Just a few notes.....Happy Thanksgiving

  I get to stay here with Sister Rassumusen ....but  some of the zone is leaving and so we took a last official shot.

Zone picture!!
Back row: Elder Cobabe(our DL), McGrath(ZL), Brimley, Wells(ZL),
Smith, Landry(other DL), Blum, Rich, Story and Evans
Front row: me, Sister Rasmussen, Wankier, Embry, Henninger and Hallett

Keri:  How are the residules from the BEAR SPRAY?
Haha lots of people teasing! President Wadsworth is one of the worst!! Haha goodness gracious I love him and sister Wadsworth. They were very concerned! But once they found out we're okay it's been the biggest joke. I think I told you the billings temple president, and his wife, and elder Carden(the 70) teased us a lot too. Hahah it's a good story after the fact. I've been coughing up a little here and there and you can still smell it a TINY bit in the car...but nothing too bad! And I have a red/chapped/old lady section of my hand...looks like I have eczema or something...haha but it's getting better:)

LOTS of Exchanges and I LOVE  working with all the sisters in the ward!!

 Keri:  I tried to give her a pep talk about working out of her comfort zone and doing some instructing with the sisters in the mission:
Awh mommies always know just what to say....thanks mommy. I love you so much! I miss you!! But I also LOVE it here in Helena and know it's where I'm supposed to be. Trusting in the Lord has been a HUGE focus of mine. And sometimes I'm really good at it! Other times not so much....but I know that no matter how much we try in this life, were always going to have ups and downs! I don't think anyone just gets "perfect" at one thing for the rest of their life. Each day, we have the opportunity to choose and make choices and it's through making those little choices we BECOME better. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the talk by elder Pearson "Stay By The Tree". I think he says it perfectly! He says "Brothers and sisters, enduring to the end is the great test of discipleship. Our daily discipleship will determine our eternal destiny. Awaken unto God, cling to truth, keep your sacred temple covenants, and stay by the tree!" And I love that! We choose daily what kind of disciple of the Lord we are going to be. And some days are better than others but as long as we're moving forward, enduring to the end, enjoying it and BECOMING more like our Savior, we are doing what the Lord asks of us.

So long story short, it's an every day thing! But I know that missions are meant for us. My mission is meant for me specifically to learn what the Lord needs me to learn and become who He needs me to be. Every day, every day, every day! Learn stretch grow right?:) and it's hard. Yes it's hard but I LOVE it.

I love you !  Happy Thanksgiving
Sister Hodgson

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