Sunday, May 8, 2016

WEEK 49- Moroni is watching you

Holy cow, another week flown by!! How the heck does that keep
Last week for P-day it was Windy so we flew kites!

This week we went on a hike and we found a TURTLE!


 To be honest, I don't even know what we did this week. It
went by way too fast. But as this is the Lord's work, we had some
amazing miracles and adventures!!

So we had exchanges this week with the Sisters serving in Frenchtown
so that was way fun. They came here and it was great to swap things up
and work with them! I was with Sister Decker and she's awesome!
 On the way driving back to our area she was
telling me about some of the goals they have set as a district and one
of them was to have 3 awkward conversations a day (aka 3
out-of-your-comfort-zone conversation starters that we might normally
walk away from) so we decided to reach that goal.
Missionary work thrives in awkwardness, I
can testify of that.

We also had an awesome experience tracting this week. We haven't been
straight tracting in a while because of the nature of our mission now,
we often don't just set hours aside to go tracting but we just find
and talk to people and tract by inspiration as we go
This week we were on a street in our ward and we  really felt like
we needed to tract the whole street.
We found a great family…the dad was a recent convert.
 They moved here about 2 months ago.
 It was amazing because our ward had no info on this family because his records didn't get sent
over when they moved here.

Another great time we had this week was in a lesson with R. We
were watching a Mormon message and in it, it had a quick snap of the
Salt Lake City temple. He was like "Woah, what's THAT?" And his wife
was like "that's one of the temples where we're going to get sealed
one day!" It was so sweet and the Spirit was so strong. We spent a
little bit of time looking at pictures of the different temples and
each sharing experiences of the love and peace that we have felt while
in the temple or on the grounds. It was a tender lesson and it just
strengthened my testimony so much of the temple. I miss it so much! I
haven't been in 11 months and being able to bear testimony and hear
other's testimonies of the peace and love that comes from the temple
helped me to remember the joy and the beauty of being near the house
of the Lord. 

We were able to serve in the special Olympics ( very cool).
And we helped a lady whose rental got thrashed so we all worked to help mend it!
We also had dinner in the family S’s home this week and afterwards, got
to have a lesson. We were nervous for this one because R has had
some issues with the Word of Wisdom. To be honest, it was kinda a
tough lesson. Every distraction that could have happened, did happen.
Holy cow… throughout the course of the night, we had fighting kids, chipped
teeth and a vegetarian trying to eat a hamburger and almost throwing
up and so much more. It was a little crazy and we really felt like
Satan did not was us to teach this lesson tonight. But I can
definitely testify of the Spirit working wonders. It was a little bit
of a weird mix, but we felt like we needed to teach the plan of
salvation again alongside with the Word of Wisdom. Through doing that,
we were able to tie everything back to the atonement, and eternal
families with God. It turns out it was also the year anniversary of
R's Mom passing away. Somehow, the Spirit came in and taught and
the things that were needed to be understood were understood. Things
that needed to be testified of were testified of, and things that
needed to be committed to, were committed to. Randy committed to do
his best to live the word of wisdom and it was amazing because he said
"It's gonna be tough. But I just have to remember this is all for an
eternal family

Also, funny side note, R pronounces Moroni like Muh-or-nee because
he thinks it sounds like a noodle. He did it on accident at first but
now he just thinks it's hilarious. When we were looking at pictures of
the temple, he asked what the "gold guy" was on top. We explained that
it was the angle Moroni and he was like "Muronee!? What are ya doin up
there??" So now his new thing to help him  is to think of
the temple  "Moroni is watchin you". Haha it's a lot more funny in
person. But now whenever we're tempted, we can remind all remind each
other that Moroni is watching us! Aka Stay temple worthy.

So these are just a few of  the adventures of the week. To be
honest, I learned SOO much this week but most of it was pretty
internal and tough to put in an email. But I got a lot of  questions
answered this week. I was able to look at myself and the missionary
work that I was doing an evaluate who I am, who I am becoming, who I
really want to become and who the Lord needs me to become. It was a
little rough at first but I can just testify of the power of prayer
and the power of faith. I know without a doubt that the Lord is here
for each of us. He wants each of us to grow and become the person He
needs us to be.
 I'm grateful that there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth
zone. I know that life isn't always meant to be comfortable and how
amazing is that? We get the chance every second of every day to grow
and become. How amazing is this life?! I love you so much and hope you
have an amazing week. Can't wait to see your faces on skype next week!
And happy Mother's Day (a little early) Mommy

Sister Hodgson

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