Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week 51- Transfers and Coffe...a picture is worth a lot of words


Soo....we had an AWESOME lesson with R this week! He struggles wwith the habit of drinking coffee every on exchanges,sister Felemi and I went to see them. It was SUCH an awesome lesson. The spirit was super strong and we talked all about serving God. It was so cool how the conversation turned to the word of wisdom and we
had an awesome talk about it.  His wife gave some suggestions of others things to replace the coffee addiction...  He said  "no, I want to come closer to Christ and
have an eternal family and make my body healthy...I don't want to give
up one addiction for another" . He has so much faith! He poured out his coffee and told us to take the maker
away! And he is kicking that addiction! Gosh he's amazing!!

SOOO....after our awesome lesson with R, we talked and I had
mentioned working at Jamba Juice and how good smoothies are and he's
like "I know! That's it! I'll make smoothies in the morning instead of
coffee!!" So he went out bought a blender that night! Then we came
back the next morning and made smoothies with him and Jessica!!

Also-he said the one thing he wanted was a smoothie cup with superman
on it. So we went to the store and bought a blue cup(his fave color)
and put superman stickers on it. Just for fun! Hahaha gosh I love this


 This is REALLY our Zone :)

Sister Freeman got released as a sister training leader and is going
to a little town called Shelby (up on the High line in the Great Falls
zone!!!!) and she'll be training a new missionary! She's excited and
she's gona kill it!!! It's the perfect place and she LOVES the small
towns so she's excited:)
And I'm staying here and training a new sister training leader. Guess
who it is....SISTER FLETCHER FROM THE MTC!!! Haha it's gona be a fun
Sorry Crazy busy getting things for Transfers but I love you very much, Sister Hodgie

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