Monday, May 30, 2016

WEEK 52- Shenanigans with new comp!!

Holy cow. Crazy week!!

Soooo transfers! First off can I just say how wonderful it is to be
comps with Sister Fletcher?! Gosh I love this woman. Literally, we
were emailing the week before and she was serving in Billings and I
was like "don't forget to tell president that we need to be
companions!!" And she's like "maybe I'll come to Missoula and we can
finally serve together!" And then guess what happened. We became
companions! Haha I don't think President knows what he just got
himself into;) but it's gona be a blast. We honestly laugh so much.
Haha when our members met sister Fletcher they were like "the first
night you were here, we expected it to be awkward, tiptoeing around
trying to get to know your new companions...then all we heard was
laughing!" Haha and it's true. We have wayyyyy too much fun;) but
we've been working our little patooties off! It's been a week full of
exhaustion and miracles and breaking things and shenanigizing.

The first day after we got back from transfers was spent helping a set
of sisters clean out their apartment. They moved to the elders old
apartment and it…need some loving….BOYS!

So things kept getting broken this week. People keep breaking things
(like the commandments) and it's causing us stress!! Haha seriously
though. Can't say too much but whatever you do...don't dang break the

We had some interesting and hilarious lessons this week...

 our ward mission leader told us we
can start teaching  J again and preparing him for
baptism! But the fun part is, we had to tell him he's excommunicated.
Bishop said  J doesn't remember it at
went in for the lesson and let me tell you, J can talk…so we were just all chatting away!
Love that man to death!
it was getting close to curfew and we
still had to tell him he had to get rebaptized and things. Sister
Fletcher and I kept quietly tapping each other under the table like
"you do it! You tell him..." Haha it was going nowhere. We kept trying
to think of nice ways to tell him and not offend him or make it sound
bad but nothing was coming or working...So finally at the end, we were
about to close and I just blurted out "so Jonathan, you're
excommunicated." *cricket noise* Not gona lie, one of the most awkward
moments of my mission. Haha not the way we wanted to tell him at all
and probably not the most tactful. But it ended up working out
okay...He actually really understood and wasn't offended and we were
able to talk about why he can get rebaptized and things like that. I
guess he just needed it bold and straight forward, not all fluffy like
we were trying to make it. Such a testament that the Lord knows what
His children need and how they need we just have to do it His


Anyway, every week, is an adventure! Always lots of stories but never know what to share
. So now the miracles. Holy cow. So we've
been cranking through our lists from the Ward and the area book and
meeting some amazing people! It's been awesome. But one of the coolest
parts of this week was when we met J and B! So on the way to
church, I guess we just got ready extra fast and when we left, we were
right on schedule to get to church right on time (aka 15 minutes
early) but we literally hit every green light and there was ZERO
traffic or anything it was SOOO weird for Missoula. So we ended up
getting there almost 30 minutes early! We were like "well obviously we
were supposed to get here early for some..." Haha we walked in and
were by the door saying hi as people walked in and right then, J
and B walked in. We didn't recognize them so we went over and
started talking to them. J is an inactive member and B is
his soon-to-be-wife. They walked in and  They're super sweet and just
moved here. J said he wants to get  back to church and
B said she's hoping to get baptized.

I love how evident the Lord's hand is, even in
the little things. We just HAPPENED to get ready super fast and
HAPPENED to hit every green light (which is impossible in Missoula)
and make it to the church just in time to meet Jeff and Brittany.

A wonderful part of the week was ARP lessons.  I  Obviously can’t go into
Any detail about the Adiction Recovery Program….but leave it to say amazing strong
People dong Great things and it makes my heart very happy!!

Gosh. Holy cow I just love being a missionary. Sometimes were super
awkward, sometimes we just happen to be where we need to be, but no
matter what, this is the Lords work. We feel His love for others and
witness miracles. And I couldn't be more grateful. Love you. Have an
awesome week!

Sister Hodgson

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