Saturday, July 2, 2016

WEEK 57- Tranfers and Montana weather

Woahh!!! So...first off...TRANSFER NEWS.

SISTER FLETCHER AND I ARE BOTH STAYING!!!! Can you believe it?! We sure can't!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! We were in a lesson when our zone
leaders called with the news. They left a message with our transfer news in it in and that was probably way better than actually talking with us on the phone because we probably would have deafened them with
our screams. Haha but for reals we're SO EXCITED!!!! Gahh. Life is good.



 So this week. Crazy as always!! I feel like there's not super super  much to say because we just talked like 2 seconds ago it feels like!! Aka Wednesday....haha but it was still an amazing we So just a few of the highlights....first off we've been on bikes LITERALLY ALL WEEK!!! We're trying to save miles because we have another trip to Helena on Wednesday for transfers...and were running low. Haha so we've been biking our little patooties off. Literally we biked 20 miles one day, 15 the next, etc. it's been great fun. Haha but really though it has :) it's so awesome to just be out and be able to talk with people!! We went out to see D who we LOVE! She's been having a tough time so we wanted to see her! But she lives quite a few miles out of town. Haha but we felt like we needed to see her! So thanks to Montana weather, we jumped on our bikes and rode off into the sunshine! And naturally, 20 minutes later is wasn't so sunshiny anymore. It was literally POURING rain. Haha so we're there on our bikes, on a little dirt road with cars driving past spraying us with
muddy water every 10 seconds. Haha it was definitely one for the books!! And let me tell you. We looked beautiful after that one.

So during all of our trainings lately, we've been focusing on finding
"the elect", the people that the Lord has prepared to hear the gospel right now, especially children, who are the future leaders.  We met a nice family and we were able to teach them about  how important eternal families are.
And she immediately invited us back. Then we got the sweetest text from her that night, confirming our next appointment with her and saying how glad she is that we're coming by because she knows her family needs
God in their lives. We're so exited to meet with them:)

Anyway. One last thing that made my heart SOOO happy!! So M.
We've been meeting with her on and off for a while and she just hasn't come to church. Ever. Well the whole time I've been here. Anyway, we were praying and we really felt like Sister Pepion could really relate
to her So. We had a lesson and got Sister Pepion to come and it was AWESOME.
Soo good! Holy cow.  And Sister Pepion was all like "I can give you a ride to church! I can
pick you up! I can sit by you! Do you want to come to ARP with me?!"  Everything!! She was just firing off and it was awesome! Also, turns out they had already met each other before so it was perfect. And guess who came to church on Sunday. M!! Wooho!! It was 
 so awesome. We all need a friend and one who understands us.

Gosh I love this work. It's the best. The members of the 3rd ward on
on fire!!! I love this ward. I love this work. I love being a
missionary and I love the Lord!! Love you all :)

Sister Hodgson                                                   PDAY shaved ice with the girl!!!


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