Sunday, July 17, 2016

WEEK 59-- so worth EVERYTHING

Crazy week this week!! But when have I ever NOT started out an email
like that?! Haha thus is life on a mission!! 4th of July was GREAT!!
So fun. I'll send a few more pictures but we had a blast! Hope you all
did too. We got to go visit the Kemmers, they're the SWEETEST “mature”
couple in our ward. Love them with my whole heart!! But it was a great
4th :) (-FOURTH OF JULY SHENANIGIZING! thanks for the fun package mom)

This week was a little blurry to be honest!! Poor Sister Fletcher was
pretty sick this week  :(    she's such a trooper though!! Still made it
out to works some and I got
time to go through almost the whole ward list and map out where people
are, who to go see etc   I think the Lord
knew that I needed to learn how to love planning..(remember our lesson on loving to plan...).and I actually got super into it!  Praying about the people, looking through old records,
finding out things about these names that we've heard about, etc.
we're super pumped to go out and try some of these people this week!

This week with some of the quiet time, I got some time to really dig
into the Book of Mormon more which was so awesome! Gosh I love that
book so much. So so much. One of my favorite talks ever is "Stay by
the Tree" by Elder Pearson of the seventy.
Begin again to prayerfully study the Book of Mormon and live its teachings every day, every day,
every day! I testify of the profound power in the Book of Mormon that
will change your life and strengthen your resolve to follow Christ.
I can testify that that promise is true! The Book of
Mormon is a heart changer and a life changer. I've seen it change the
lives of those who have never truly known God. I've seen it change the
lives of those who knew God, but have fallen away and I've definitely
felt the power and influence that it has had in my life and the change
that has happened in me.

It was amazing to see M this week and see her smiling face tell
us as we walk in the door "guess what! I read the Book of Mormon!!! It
was so good!!"
When we first started meeting with her, she mostly wore sweats, had the lights in
her house off, the door closed, only opened it to a secret knock so
she didn't have to talk to people, etc.( remember my maazing comp “just happened”  to knick the right knock)
But then she started to know God. She started to gain, bit by bit, a relationship with her Savior.
She started reading the Book of Mormon, (not just her AA book like she
used to) when she needed a lift. And this last time we came, her
lights were on, her doors and windows were open, she was visiting with
a friend and she was smiling and laughing. She told us she feels like
she has reasons now to live, to do good things and to build
relationships because she knows that there is more to this life than
just wasting time and existing. She knows she has a purpose. THAT, my
friends, is what this gospel does with us! Worth it? Yes. 100% yes.

One other amazing story from this week is Jonathan. So Jonathan. He's
been doing so well! But he's been feeling like he doesn't really have
a place in the church. He feels like he likes different things,
doesn't know as much as other people in the church, etc.. He just
needs to feel like he has a place and a purpose. So last week I
mentioned we talked about doing family history with him right?! So we
went on Tuesday. Oh my. Talk about finding purpose. Afterwards, he was
on FIRE! He was non stop talking about all the people he found, the
family that he connected with, the person that he feels like he found a great purpose.
He called us that night and we had the most tender
conversation. He sincerely thanked us for sticking with him. For
keeping with him and guiding him to where he wants to be. He told us
he feels like he knows what he's doing, where he's going and who he's
becoming. And he likes it. He wants so badly to serve others and to
help others find the same joy he has. He already asked if he can work                                         
in the family history library.
This man. Oh my. He's had quite the go of it in life. He's lost some
loved ones, had some health problems, had some tough times, traveled
all over the place, tried every religion, every practice, every
political view possible. But he said he keeps getting drawn back to
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
He knows this is where he needs to be and  he knows
who he needs to become. And that's because he is getting to know

Gosh this work is the best! I love it. I love being a missionary. I
love the Book of Mormon with my whole heart. I love serving here in
Missoula! And I love my Savior. I love change. I love the change that
happens as we search the scriptures, get to know Christ and become
more like Him and our Father in Heaven. The change is so worth it!
This work is amazing. And I'm so grateful to be just a tiny part of
it. Love you all!!! Have such a good week!

Sister Hodgson

Picture 3-my adorable companion with glow sticks in her hair. Now I
can't loose her! Even in the dark. Haha



Picture 2&3-Missoula zone!!!!
Front row(sisters)
Sister Thacker, Fredrickson, Holm, decker, shoemaker, Dayes, Timothy,
Fletcher and me
Back row(elders)
Elder Ross, Bozue (DL), Rentfro (ZL), Hoschouer (ZL), Girrard,
Haskins, Metcalf, Kelly.

In the last picture, Sister and Brother Price (stake president and
wife) and president Lindsay (counselor)

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