Saturday, July 9, 2016

WEEK 58- 4th of July

Wooho!! Happy 4th of July!!!!! Today is pretty short because we're literally gone all day. But it's going to be a blast!!

Today we had a service project from 7am till now.  We served pancakes at Fort Missoula! It's a big huge fair thing so a bunch of us missionaries got to go serve breakfast!...then we ran home to change and sent this, and now we're off to a Pow Wow in Arlee!  I'm
super excited. The Pepions are meeting us there and it's gonna be awesome!!  I'll send pictures! Then we'll get back from that around 6 then we're with members the rest of the night! So busy day
but way fun.

Soo. This week. This was one of those "transfer week blurs" where things kinda get smudged together. So I'll share a few highlights! First off Sister Fletcher and I are still celebrating the fact that we're still together! Haha but really though. Anyway, this week was a week full of planning. Eek. Planning has never been my favorite part
of life in general. But ESPECIALLY missionary work! I just want to go outside and do things. Haha but when Elder Andersen was here, he talked about planning and how "when we plan, we create the future". He told us "if you're bored while planning, you're not doing it right". So obviously I'm not doing it right. Hahaha so we've been working on planning for the people that we teach and for their needs. We've been really trying to focus on the people and been seeing a difference! 


I did NOT plan to throw the keys in the dumpster...and yet......

Anyway, the work this week was a little weird....haha Missoula is full
of people who love to use holidays to the most people aren't sober the full week before any holidays. Haha it's quite fun.
But people are superrrrrr happy so that's always exciting! ;) It keeps us on our toes. We meet some exciting people. Haha but for reals though, it's way fun to see the culture here. We kinda just want to walk around town throwing Word of Wisdom pamphlets at people. But we refrain. Haha

So. Awesome parts of this week! One of them was D. She's doing
real well. She had another surgery this week which is a bummer. But
she's just awesome. The member that we've been bringing to her
appointments, Sister Shuey, is perfect

Jo. is doing well too! We had been feeling like we should take Je. to an appointment lately.
So we biked up to her place, met with her, had her jump on her bike and come with us a few blocks down to Jo.'s place. And holy cow, they hit it off right away! It was like they were best friends from ages ago! They have a lot of similar experiences and were able to relate to one
another right away. It was awesome!

We've been fasting and praying and talking and pondering about and studying and serving our members. Anyway, the past little bit we've been finally seeing the ward come
alive! We just started sharing little miracles with the members at dinners, being PUMPED in ward council about the people were meeting and seeing and trying to have members at every appointment. It's been so cool!

Anyway last thing. Well this week we got to see a bit more of downtown Missoula! M. asked us if we wanted to come with her and her friend J. from AA to walk around the farmers market. It was awesome!  We got to meet some of her friends and introduce ourselves and just be in
the community. It was awesome. M. has been doing super well! We gave her Alma 36 to read.
It's an awesome chapter, everyone should go read it! Haha but we gave it to her at our appointment Wednesday night, then Thursday morning she texted saying "I read the chapter!! Can you come over so we can talk about it?!" Uhh, YES! Haha. So we did. She went on about how it was just what she needed and the message she got from it was "do what God wants you to do if you don't want to be miserable. And Heavenly Father doesn't want us to be miserable." She talked all about how we are supposed to be happy and find joy in life, through the GOOD THINGS. Gosh it's so amazing to see the change that she's been having.
Just a month and a half ago she didn't believe in God and now she talks about her Heavenly Father that loves her and has given her these trials to learn from and find happiness. THIS is what this work is about. If all I do this entire 18 months is help one person realize that she has a Father in heaven that loves her, then I will be the happiest person alive. Gosh this work is amazing.

Okay woah, sorry this was supposed to be short  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve here in Montana! I'm grateful for this country we have to live in! (Even if things are going crazy right now But I love you all! Hope you have an amazing week and a beautiful 4th
of July!!

Sister Hodgson

Amazing sisters in the MBM 
 Sister Holm,     Fredrickson, Fletcher and I


We are riding our bikes a LOT these days...I love warm weather

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