Saturday, August 6, 2016

WEEK 61- Be Believing and dead Diablo

How did another week get here already?! Okay so this week was crazy to
say the least! Because literally all day Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
and Saturday were spent on exchanges...hard part...DIABLO our phone died.

So exchanges. Exchanges were awesome!  Everyone here. And literally, we mean
everyone, has a dog and/or a bike You might remember S  we are teaching?!  Her sister is a member just coming
 back to church and we will be teaching her husband.
Another man we are working with….Turns out his
aunt was Mormon and he always wanted to see what she believes and try
her church....Well you're in luck buddy cause guess what we can help
you do!! Haha Anyway. It was an awesome night. We've been learning a
TON about the importance talking with everyone. We never know who
the Lord puts in our path or how we are supposed to touch each others lives.
One thing that I've been
learning a lot more and more on my mission is that this time -is the only time that we can be this awkward,
 this out there, this bold and have it be 110% completely okay. Haha we walk
down the street and you know people are thinking "oh oh here they
come. They're gona talk to me, they're gona talk to me..." Well they
are so right! Haha and it's the best.

Then the next set of exchanges!! I got to go with Sister Parsons in
Blodget canyon. I WILL serve here one day. It's such a cute little
town! It's adorable. I love it. We had a great day here too! Sister
parsons is an amazing teacher  and so good at following the Spirit.

it's through the perseverance, the continuing to act on faith that we
see the miracles. Its step by step, "revelation upon revelation"
(Doctrine and covenants 42:61). It's the "but if not" kind of faith.

One last little bit that's been on my mind. So President called us
this week and asked us to give a discussion in MLC. Our topic is
mental illness and how to cope with them and how to help missionaries
cope with them. It's a huge thing these days
And it's a real thing. It's not just something you can
say "well push through and it's gona be better tomorrow". It's so much
bigger than that. It's bigger than Sister Fletcher and I. It's bigger
than President or the mission therapists and counselors. It's bigger
than each of us. But our Savior has overcome all. He has been there
and back. There are so many resources that each of us can reach out
to. And it's through the Savior that we can be fully healed one day.
My testimony of the Savior and His atonement has grown immensely. Not
only from the things I've been through, but also watching other go
through things, praying for them, staying up at night talking with
those that are hurting and seeing them take steps and reach out and
access the atonement. Christ is there for us. Our loving Heavenly
Father is there for us. And they never leave us. Ever.

I love you all!! I hope you have an amazing week. Keep going. Keep
praying. And be believing. Always.

Sister Hodgson

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