Sunday, August 14, 2016

WEEK 63- all in his timing and its time for some WYOMING!!

oly cow. Oh my word. Transfers whaaat?! So.....


WOOOHO!!!! Hahaha Sheridan, Wyoming! I'm going to be with Sister Wong
and I am SO excited! She is the sweetest person on the planet and I
can't wait to serve with her.

But along with that, comes the heart breaking of leaving Missoula. So
many mixed feelings right now...leaving those I've loved so hard here
in Missoula and my beloved companion Sister Fletcher! Literally, not
only is President separating us, but he's putting us in two different
states!! Going to the opposite side of the mission...Haha so crazy.
But the Lord knows what He's doing! And President knows how to follow
the Lord. So we are ready for whatever comes:)

But this week was amazing. The Storm before the calm is a real thing
because as insane as last week was(it was a rough week) this week was
just as insane! But instead, it was full of miracles!

So, it all started off with exchanges!!! Sister Decker, who is serving
in Frenchtown, came here to Missoula with me for the exchange. Our
focus was talking with everyone we saw!! So literally everyone
We saw these 2 people on bikes at one point but couldn't catch up to
them (and they didn't hear us calling after them) haha and they were
literally the only people he had passed that day that we didn't talk
with. In my head, I prayed that we would have a second chance to talk
with them...then what do you know....5 minutes later we were at a
stoplight and guess who pulls up onto the bike lane next to us?! THE
SAME BIKERS!!! Haha I'm like "SISTER DECKER!!!! Look!!" So we rolled
down the window and talked with them
Haha way fun. I love the people of Missoula. But one of
the awesome miracles was Tony. We decided to park and walk to one of
the houses we were going to find. On our way, there was this guy out
fixin his car. The conversation just
kinda naturally turned to the restoration and he asked what kinda
things we talk about as missionaries? Then he invited us to sit on his
porch and teach him.. A lot of the things he believes line up so much with ours.

Sh is doing so good! She's been reading the Book of Mormon every
day! Wooho!  She's such a sweetheart.

Also, BONNIE QUIT SMOKING!!!! WHAT?! She the sassiest but one of my
favorite people ever!  She has been so happy since she conquered that!
Jonathan is doing AWESOME!!! He's been reading every day and HE AND
fellowship each other.  Is so  wonderful!

Last little miracle was Ken. So Ken is Sara's Catholic friend
that we've been trying to meet with. We had an appointment for Sunday but they called and asked if they can move it sooner!!
The loved that it rang true with them when they were learning about the church. It was
awesome. The Spirit was so strong because it was in a member's home. It was one of the most amazing
lessons of my mission

We had some Great fun serving others...something you learn in the mission is the joy in serving others.  Its just a win /win.

I am so so grateful. So grateful for everything. My heart is full! I
have LOVED this time I've been blessed to spend in Missoula. In a lot
of ways, it was a bit of a refiners fire for me. I've learned a lot
about who I am, who I want to be and in what ways the Lord needs me to
become that. I have met some amazing people who have changed my life
Most of all I'm grateful for this gospel. It changes
lives and changes who we are and what we desire. I'm grateful for my
Savior. He knows exactly what each of us need and when we need it. He
is there for us.   I am so grateful to be able  to see
His miracles unfold here in Missoula. And they will just keep coming
no matter what!!!!

Love you!!!!

Sister Hodgson

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