Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 64- WYOMING!!

Soooo....I'm totally sitting here in WYOMING writing this letter. Haha
so crazy!!!

So transfer weeks are always insane. But can I just say it was SOOO
tough to leave my beautiful Missoula and the people there. I love it
lots! We spent Monday and Tuesday in appointments with everyone! The
work is just picking up there in Missoula and I can't wait to see the
many more miracles that come! The people are incredible and so
prepared by the Lord for this gospel. After 6 months, Missoula
definitely became home. But that happens with each area. And so far
Sheridan is on track to be the same!! It's so perfect here!
So Wednesday morning=transfer morning. We got up and met at the church
at 8 to get everything loaded. We piled all the Sisters that were
transferring in "VANessa" (the zone leaders mini van) and drove the 2
hours down to Helena. From there, we jumped in the space shuttle
(transfer van) and drove 2 1/2 hours to Bozeman. Swapped some people
there, then drove another 2 hours to Billings. Swapped around at the
mission home and met up with Sister Wong! And then drove 2 more hours
to Sheridan. Long day of travel. Haha we got on to Sheridan around 7!
What a crazy day. We were so ready to go work.
Sheridan is so precious! It's the smallest town I've served in but
it's just so cute! It's "the pretty part" of Wyoming as President
called it. Haha there are such great people here…
 the ones I have are amazing! Just so real and kind.

So the Sisters met a woman named A  before I got
here. She is super sweet! We got to go and teach her the restoration.
And my oh my she is awesome! She is such an intent listener and really
listens to learn and understand, not just to hear. She is so sweet.
She had been invited to church a few times before but never came. So
when we invited her again, we were just PRAYING she would come! And so
we were at Ranchester branch first on Sunday...and guess who walked on
the door. A! Wooho! She is so sweet! She came and sat with us and
the branch just jumped in and introduced themselves and made her feel           
right at home. The talks were on family and marriage and things.
Ashley is married with 4 kids, and the talks were AMAZING! It really
hit home with her. She was tearing up by the end of the meeting.
She loved it! And told us afterward "I'm gona go tell my husband what
I learned and I'll be back next week for sure!" Gosh. It's so amazing
to see what the knowledge of an eternal, loving families does for us. It
truly makes us feel home.

The people in Sheridan are the THE BEST!! Funny little story for
ya....We had dinner with this one family, the Binns, and the message
we shared was about being "fishers of men" like the Savior invites us
to be. We showed the children's bible video and talked about ways that
each of us can be "fishers of men" and do little acts of missionary
work. We asked their son, Xavier, what he can to do be a "fisher of
men" and he looked at us, quite disturbed and said "I am NOT going to
be a fisher of men! I'm going be a MONSTER TRUCK DRIVER!" Haha it was
so funny. We were dying.

I am so excited to be here and be a part of
this amazing work here. Sister Wong and I are loving it! Is is truly
the Lord's work and the work continues to hasten
 I can't wait to meet everyone and get to know the branch and ward. I love this gospel
and I love the Lord. Hope it's an amazing week!

Sister Hodgson

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