Saturday, October 15, 2016

WEEK 72- The gospel keeps on going like a river

So how the heck is it Monday again? Haha time is so weird. This week
feels like forever long but it also was over as soon as I blinked. So
confused. Haha but we had a packed full week! Tuesday morning we
packed up and attempted to drive over the mountain to Worland for zone
conference! We were supposed to leave at 6am and meet our zone at the
church then caravan over the mountain. But at about 5:30am President
called to inform us that the pass was too snowy to drive through so we
had to re-route. We made the long drive AROUND the mountain instead of
up and was still snowy but not as bad as through the pass.
Needless to say we were over an hour and a half late to zone
conference. Haha but it was such a good conference! The theme of it
for me was really progression. For our investigators but also for us
each individually. It was so incredible and really answered lots of
questions for me.

The right after zone conference we went with some Sisters in Lovell
for an exchange. It was a good exchange! The Sisters in Lovell are so
sweet. We saw lots of miracles and biked wayyyy so much. It was the
best thing ever!!! From there we went home sweet home back to our
area. We finally got to beautiful Sheridan Thursday afternoon. So our
focus this week was building our teaching pool. We had prayerfully set

some high goals for this week which we were super pumped about! We
really felt the confirmation that the goals we set with the Lord were
right. But to be honest they seemed a lot higher being out of town and
with only having 3 1/2 solid days to work in our own area. Haha But
let me tell you, the Lord provides!! Even though we were gone until
Thursday, through lots of prayer, biking, more prayer, talking with
everyone, hard work and a little bit more prayer, the Lord led us to
people who were open and receptive .
Such miracles in this work I love it!

As far as personally, I have been focusing a lot this week (well I
guess the last few weeks) on progression. One of my biggest fears is
going home from my mission having not become the person God needs me
to become, and not having helped those the Lord needs me to help.
Normally it is just kinda something in my head that keeps me moving
forward and working! But for some reason the last week or so it's
really been getting at me. I've been feeling a bit like I'm failing to
become and not doing enough. I don't know if it's because I feel like
there's not enough time to do everything, or what but it's been
consuming my thoughts a lot more lately. But I felt like every message
at zone conference was directed right at me. We talked about keeping
positive thoughts of "I think I can"-the little engine that could!,
repenting to come closer to Christ, progressing always, learning and
growing and pondering why I am serving and what more I can do. I felt
like I received a lot of answers during zone conference. Sister Wong
and I have both been working on this principle a lot so it has be way
cool to work together and share together insights and thoughts from
studies and other learning opportunities. We both got priesthood
blessings after which was a huge source of guidance and comfort and
answered even more questions. I am so grateful for the power of the
priesthood and how much God loves and knows each of us.

Through continued study through the scriptures and conference talks
and things, I have just felt so much peace and comfort. One of the
things that I feel I've been recognizing is how much missions prepare
us for life. I know that I want to become everything the Lord needs me
to right now on my mission. But I also know that I'm not going to be
perfect on my mission, or after it haha.
The principles we learn on missions are a lot about HOW to become
Christlike and keep progressing and how to help others do the same.
Isn't that one of the best things ever? Continual progression. There's
just not one thing in life that makes us perfect really. No year and a
half or 2 years on a mission, no calling we hold, no job or position 
we have, no experience or trial we learn from, etc. none of it makes
us perfect in and of itself. But  its through these all that we learn
principles of progression. And it's those principles that help us turn
to Christ and His atonement every day. I hope and pray every day that
I change and progress and become! But that doesn't mean I'm going to
do ALL of my changing and becoming for my whole life, here in is year
and a half. But by golly I'm going to do my best to learn how to


Some things just don't go as planned!

Haha I know my emails probably sounds so silly. Everything is all
principles and things that I know I've heard and learned a thousand
times! But for some reason, sometimes it just take it a while in my
head to stick. Haha but I really understood it more this time and

understood how it applies in my life right now. Anyway, sorry for the
rant again. I promise, next weeks letter will be shorter and more work
and stuff...haha

Also? The title. Haha the cutest little 5 year old boy in our
Ranchester branch, James Schwieder, got up to bear his testimony
yesterday. He was talking about how the gospel is always there for us
and he said "the gospel keeps on going. like a river in your heart!"
Haha it was the cutest thing. But so true! This gospel keeps going as
long as we keep applying it. Out of the mouths of babes right?!

Haha anyway. I love you all so much! Have an amazing week!! Love you.

Sister Hodgson

Picture 2-us and all the sisters!
Sister jones, Wadsworth, Brooks, Lisberg, Clegg, Taylor, brown,
Felemi, Robertson, Seamons
Front-Sister Davis, me and sister Wong.

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