Friday, October 21, 2016

WEEK 73- its the Mormons! let them in!

Hey hey!! Sorry crazy week this week! It was amazing and we saw lots
of miracles!! But like zero time to write. So here are just a few pictures and thoughts from the week

~  Last week we went Caving with the zone !

-It snowed! And of course that was the night that we were driving over
the pass to the other side of the mountain in Cody. It took like 4 1/2
hours instead of the 3 it was supposed to. We only slid a couple times
but we're alive! Haha

-B and L! We saw this lady outside her house and went to talk
with her. She saw us and turned and walked back inside her house and
closed the door. So we decided to go and knock it. Then her daughter
answered with a less than friendly look on her face. Then the mom
comes around the corner and says "oh! It's not the Jehovah's
witnesses, it's the Mormons!! Let them in!
. It was so awesome to sit down and share with
them the truths of the restoration and we're going back to teach them
again tonight. They're so awesome!

-exchanges with sisters in Cody! Love them so much! 


-so sorry this is so short!! Love you lots!!!!
This work is amazing. I'm so sorry this is lame. But miracles are
happening here in Sheridan! And I am so grateful for the chance to
serve the Lord here.IT SO BEAUTIFUL HERE!!!

 Love you!!
Sister Hodgson

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