Friday, October 7, 2016

WEEK 71- Many Much Meetings

What a week!! So many much meetings. Haha but such a spiritually
uplifting week as well!! First off. General conference. GAHH so good!! It always is. Wow   God loves us!

So I think the meetings technically started with women's broadcast last week which was incredible as well. Then Monday started the real craziness. After preparation day stuff was over, we packed up and left for Billings at about 5:45 that evening. Drove a few hours there and
got with the missionaries going to MLC in Wyoming and Billings and
practiced the song we were going to sing. Then the next morning at early 'o clock we got ready to head out again! We left at about 4am and made the trek to Helena. MLC was amazing. So much vision and such
a great fire to start the transfer off! We sang the song  and it went great! Super cool to have everyone pull together from across the mission to get that together. Also the Wadsworths are amazing, let's just say that. Love those two!

Then we left Wednesday morning back to home sweet home Sheridan.
Actually we didn't really go home, we went straight to Ranchester and
did some work there. But we met a super awesome guy! We were out
finding and talking with people and felt prompted to go down a street
we've never really been down. We saw this big, gruff looking guy
sitting out front with this big, huge, slobbery dog that he was holding
back. So we figured we'd go say hi. Turns out to be a guy named A.
We got talking and he is  familiar with members of
the church.    He has met some through school or work or other
situations and knew who lots of members were. It was so cool to hear
him speak so highly of kind, genuine people that he has met that are
members of the church. He talked about how nice, how generous and good
they have been as businessmen, parents from his kids school, just
random people in the store, etc. --real quick thank you plug in for
everyone. Thank you for being so kind and Christlike throughout life.
You really never ever know when people are watching you and what
opinions they form because of the kindness you show. So thank
 Anyway, A and his family have been searching for a church
to align with. He had a lot of questions about the church and what we
believe  Everything we testified of about
Christ's gospel and His church, he would be like "yea, see thats how I
think it should be too." Or "woah that sounds a lot like what we
believe." He and his family have tried out lots of churches but no
church has had completely rung true work them because no church has
all the parts of what he believes. It was amazing to see the message
of the restoration fill in many of the gaps.
he Lord really does prepare people!! So that was an awesome miracle.

Thursday we went out to Laurie Bailey's ranch and helped her out a
bit. She is a woman who was baptized when she was 9, when to church to be confirmed and then never went back. She didn't ever know she was a member. she's so sweet! So we got to
to help her out a bit which was so fun! 

 Then some planning  for…yep meetings!

Friday we got up at about 5:30 and left for zone training down in
Gillette. It was good to have the whole zone together and it was a
super great meeting. 

And then Saturday and Sunday were like the best meetings of all. Wooho!! General conference!! Gosh it was amazing. And
you know what else was amazing? L came to Eve single session of conference! We gave her a conference notebook with our testimonies in it along with a section from Preach My Gospel that we copied into her book about "how to recognize the Spirit". And she just faithfully took notes and was so focused the entire time. She absolutely loved it. I love her so much She said she really got some answers from conference.

So general conference. Amazing. One of the things that I really got out of it was the power of prayer. One of the many questions I had during general conference was the classic "what lack I yet?" What is keeping me from progressing. And of course, I have so much to work on
so I got lots of answers. Haha but one of the main ones has been
prayers. I'm working on improving my personal prayers and making
prayer in general more meaningful. I love what was said about how "a
moment of prayer is a sacred moment In our zone training, our stake President's wife invited us all to ask our families to join in prayer for our zone to find families to teach.
So we would love the extra prayers. It makes more of a difference than
you know. So. Will you commit to joining is in prayer for our zone to
find families? I can testify that each prayer is heard. The the Lord
loves His children and is leading us to those that are ready and
prepared at this time.

I am so grateful for this work. So grateful for the amazing weekend we had to listen to the Lord's prophet and apostles. I'm so grateful for the power of prayer, and the opportunity we have each day to improve.
To learn and to grow. I hope you all had an amazing conference weekend and received guidance and answers to whatever you're seeking. I pray
for you every day and love you lots!!

Sister Hodgson

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