Tuesday, July 7, 2015

week 6- fast and furious

First off THANK FOR FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY package!!( mustache pictures to follow)

Answering questions;
We live with a member of the stake presidency. We have a room right off the kitchen  and it is bright and cheery! The house is big and beautiful and they have a little creek thing in the backyard and a pretty deck- Very peaceful and nice- Montana really is beautiful!


PDAY( preparation day)-  We always wash and clean the car, do laundry, go grocery shopping and email! Then  our zone meets at the church and we play pod ball or volleyball. It's fun! Then At 6:00 back to work!! 

Today we went to sister W (sweet  lady who was just baptized) and she taught us how to cross stitch! 


Well it's been one of those weeks where you know Heavenly Father is
trying to teach you something but you just can't figure out what it
is. Haha
S  called us the day before our return appointment and said she doesn’twant anything to do with Mormons.
The other one L, wasn't there and we can't get ahold of her.
C (who was on date from the previous sisters) dropped off,  He was high when he accepted baptism and sadly is battling that demon. 
N, was excited for her baptism in  July and is such an
amazing girl!! has missed her last 3 appointments and stops
responding to texts and calls .She lives with her brother who is extremely anti Mormon and we think he has convinced her we are evil.
 And sweet N, This last week we've really
been getting strong feelings that we need to  push it back for him. He wants so bad to quit his old habits and
move on from his old life but he wants it to happen over night and
things like that rarely happen that fast. Repenting, changing our ways
and turning toward Christ is a process. And in order to do that we
need Christ's help. N is such a strong guy but no matter how
strong we are, we all still need help. We need reminders, we need the
sacrament and we need the atonement. Nathan has a hard time getting
around what others think. He thinks he is being judged by his friends
for becoming Mormon. It's so hard cause we know he knows it's true!
But he just has to find out how much he is willing to fight for it. We
know it's hard and so we're glad we were able to talk to him
God never said it would be easy, He only said it would
be worth it. N just has to make sure he knows for himself how
worth it it really is.

We were pretty down about the whole week and had a tough time.
 Lots of prayers were said. And we really made an effort to focus
on things one step at a time. We did focus on being exactly
obedient, and intensified personal and companionship study time. We
let go of our unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others and
just took things one day at a time, the Lords way. Things started
looking up.

On Friday we got to go meet our new mission president and his wife,
President and sister Wadsworth. They're both so sweet! You could tell they were nervous but they both just jumped in! They seem AMAZING and I can't wait to get to know them better. People keep saying that after how amazing president Mecham is that president Wadsworth has some big shoes to fill. But we know he's bringing his own shoes!! He's so awesome! He reminds me a little of daddy and Wade Buxton! Quiet, a little cautious but HEART OF GOLD. Such strong testimony and desire to do good. He's gonna be amazing. 
I was asked to play the piano for the meeting , which always makes me a little nervous but I guess it went OK. ( I am actually playing the piano a lot  -in primary, Relief society, missionary meetings….it should keep up my piano and I am sure I will get less nervous J )

Fourth of July was a big party and a big miracle. They have a Great
Falls parade every year so we got to take a float of the Salt lake
Temple and be in the parade. The whole zone and a few members all got
together and we passed our pass along cards, candy and The Family: a
Proclamation to the World. It was so fun and we met some awesome


Then later in the day we got to meet with C and his wife C.
C is a recent convert in Fort Benton branch who brought her
husband to church last fast and testimony meeting. He got up and bore
his testimony and now he wants to meet with the missionaries! So we
had our first lesson with C on 4th of July. He is amazing.

We were running late to our dinner appointment so we had to call brother Bailey. Half the converts in the ward were introduced to the church by him. He is so willing and ready to give all he has.
We got there and he had a neighbor over for dinner…we talked a lot and he came to
church the next day for Fast and testimony meeting ( fast and furious brother Bailey calls it)
The testimonies that were born were beautiful and
Uplifting. It's so incredible to hear others testify of the gospel in
their lives and hear how they get through crazy times. It's really
Strengthening to know that even though we all go through tough times,
God is ALWAYS there for every one of His children…. Always.

I know that Heavenly Father loves us. God doesn't
do accidents. We are never alone. He is always there, cheering us on,
watching us and praying that we take these times to become better
missionaries, better people and more like Christ. Keep pushing on.
Look for the blessings that you see in your life from Gods hand. I
promise you they're there. I love you all!!

Sister Hodgson

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