Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WEEK 10- ups and downs, and HOLY COW people have faith!!

Hello familia!!
Family Questions:
I got your package thank you so much! Coconut syrup was YUM!
Yes we have pets here! The dog is Mister and the cat is Nora. Mister is a princess and SO spoiled haha. Nora is "the devils cat" but we love her anyway haha she eats your feet and snuggles up to you then attacks. I have scars on my hands and knees from her! Haha then they have an outside dog named Gus. He is the cutest dog ever.

 The Montana state fair was this weekend in Great Falls so we got
permission to go!   We went with Sister
Tonya  and her husband Rashad. She's a member and we have been teaching him and the children ...they're the sweetest! These are 2 of
their 5 children.

 Another crazy week! I feel like every week I'm like "this week was full of ups and downs!" And to be honest, it's sad it's taken me so long to realize this, but THATS EXACTLY HOW LIFE IS. Especially missionary work! There are always gonna be things we wish we did different, situations we pictured going different in our heads, people we wish kept their commitments, etc. all these ups and downs but that's what makes life…. LIFE!

So this week there were a few downs. N is struggling, It's going
to be a long process for her.  People here are rallying around her and supporting her.
We got her a food order and she got a better job though a Ward member ,so slowly.
 We're just focusing on Gods love for her
But we know things will work out. God has a
plan for each of us. We don't always understand but I know things work
out if we put it in His hands.

But as always there were tons of miracles and blessings!
The first one is with B. We met him one day while tracting. We were almost done
and I saw him sitting in his lawn chair and was just like "We need to
go talk to him." So we did! We've been teaching him ever since! He is
THE BEST. This last week we did the word of wisdom. We were a little
worried because he ALWAYS drinks coffee when we teach him. He never
smoked, he doesn't even take his pain meds cause he hates drugs so
much and didn't really drink. But he lovesssss his coffee. We
pulled out the word of wisdom pamphlets.  We mentioned the it told us the
things that God wants us to do to stay healthy and the things that he
asks us to stay away from, right away he goes "wait, coffee is in this
isn't it." Hahah so we had an AWESOME discussion about the word of
wisdom. How we can control what we put into our bodies.
Finally we just asked him "Beau, do
you believe this church is true? Do you believe Joseph Smith  is a
true prophet of God?" He thought for a minute then reached over and
grabbed his cup of coffee and said "this is my last cup of coffee
ever" then poured it out!!!! WOW talk about FAITH!!! Holy cow. It's
moments like this where you can feel the Spirit and SEE the Spirit
testifying to people of the truth of this gospel. Wow!...We all put different things on the alter, we are
so proud of him and his faith .

This is B and sister U . Both of these young women were raised in a home where the parents are members but did not attend church.  The older sister  went to college and attended institute and has come home to teach her sister with us.  What a blessing! She will enter the waters of Baptism the end of this month. It’s a joy to watch lives change.

Another miracle!!  M has been attending church , studying and  He LOVES the gospel but hasn't
committed to baptism.  This week he did!  He So prepared and so ready!! So we're working with him every day this week. He is amazing. Wow. Faith is
incredible. This gospel is incredible. God is incredible.

As always, there are ups and downs but all are needed. And holy cow do
people have faith. Everyone we're meeting with...they're all so
incredible!! Such examples to me of putting trust in the Lord and just
committing and DOING something. Gahh I love missions!!
ahh I love you all. Embrace the ups and downs, have faith, and commit to DO
something and put your heart into it.
With love , Sister Hodgson

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  1. I love her insights! Her top photo is just so Becca! Thanks for sharing!