Friday, August 28, 2015

WEEK 13- Mission Tour and Horses

Okay first off. J AND H BOTH CAME TO CHURCH!!!! Holy cow
holy cow. I can't tell you how excited sister Adair and I were when
they walked in Oh my goodness that is huge for them!! They are
incredible and are really developing the desire to come to Christ. I
can just testify that PRAYER WORKS and FAITH IS NEEDED. God loves His
children and wants us all to be learning and loving and becoming.
 And coming to church is SO important in that
conversion process. Gosh, I am SO grateful for parents who showed, by
example, how important going to church is. It really is a place of
worship, remembrance and a place to get answers.

This week we had mission tour and elder Martino of the seventy came
and spoke to us...we had to get up at 4:30 IN THE MORNING in order to
get to the stake center, meet up with the rest of the zone and drive
to Helena....we had a mission choir that we had to practice for at
7:23 in the morning! It was awesome though and the Spirit was so
strong!  fun fact for family, a few weeks ago elder McGrath, one of
the assistants called and asked if I could accompany one of the elders
singing in mission tour! So he gave me the elders number and I called
him. He told me he wanted to do a medley so he gave me 3 hymns and
told me what parts he wanted I had a few weeks to put
together a medley...then we had 10 minutes before the tour started to
run in the other room and run through it twice and then we performed
in front of a 70!! Haha scary!!! But shout out to Coralie Harless for
being an amazing piano teacher and teaching me how to put medleys
together and pretend like I know what I'm doing... but we learned so

I just want to testify about the power of prayer and receiving
answers. We had an appointment this week with the C family and
also one with Penny. They
both had similar experiences, they were saying that they prayed for an
answer or for strength but they weren't getting it. They said they're
still just sitting, waiting for their answer. I was thinking to myself
"gosh I feel like I do that"...then it kinda hit me that that's our
problem! Everyone says the Lord gives us our answers when we're we wait till we're ready right? But what are we waiting
for?? Why am I not doing everything I can to prepare myself and making
myself ready to receive the Lords answers?! We talked a LOT about
preparing ourselves for answers and committed both of them to pick
just ONE thing to work on this week and change in order to
be actively working to get an answer from the Lord rather than just
waiting. I committed myself to do that too so I've been reading talks
and scriptures and really studying even more about prayer. And just
the little miracles we've seen and little answers we've gotten have
been so apparent. I KNOW that it's by continually progressing and
doing our best to WORK and bring ourselves closer to the Lord that we
are more prepared to receive answers from the Lord. Gosh I love
missions. I love the Lord and I love His work!!

Pday today Brother Bailey let us play with his Horses.  He loves his horses and is very knowledgeable about them
It was a GREAT day.


It was cold the past few days!! Brother Bailey knows we're always cold
so he bought us a light weight jackets....he really does bless and
spoil the missionaries....mommy and daddy, he says to tell you guys he
takes good care of us for you so not to worry....he really does...we
owe this man a lot....

This week is going to be a busy week! B is getting baptized this
Saturday and so are Be and S. They are all so excited and we
are so excited for them! Holy cow. The love that both sister Adair and
I feel for them is incredible. And if we love them this much I can't
even imagine how much our Heavenly Father loves them.
 Sorry it's soscattered today
Missions really are truly the
hardest, yet best thing ever. President Wadsworth says that missions
aren't always the best 2 years of our lives, but they are the best 2
years FOR our lives. And it's so true! Some times are just crazy hard!
And you get people yelling at you and trying to curse you with satanic
words and slamming doors in your face, and other times, the Spirit is
so strong and you just see the Spirit testifying to people of the
truth of the gospel. Nothing better.

I love you all so much!!

Sister Hodgson

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