Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 11- Fast and Fun

Hi hi hi!!!! Sorry not much time to email today we're heading out to Ryan's dam with part of the zone and brother Bailey, Kirby and Matthew(just got baptized)!! We're supper excited and if we get back in time I'll send a few pic:)

A little business...I LOVE the pictures of Tanner’s wedding you sent –so fun to see everyone!!  I love you!! And I loved the little note card  with people signing it. Made my day!   Here is the picture from our FREE CAR WASH last week...we had fun and met lots of Great people!!

So this week was awesome!! The biggest hi-light was Wednesday night when Matthew got baptized. Wow… was just amazing to see someone you care about so much enter that covenant with the Lord. He is so stalwart and ready to hear the gospel and LIVE it. Wow I can't even describe

Mom asked , because it seems very prevalent in Missionary moms if she had honestly been homesick?
I definitely miss you guys!! SOOO much! I've only had one little breakdown...sister Adair was was late at night, I felt sick, lonely, yucky, useless,etc. …. I just wanted a mommy and daddy snug. So I had a little pity party in the bathroom, prayed and went to sleep. Got up in the morning and WORKED. it's all good:) but honestly, I think it's the support that helps me keep going.  Many missionaries struggle with this…missionary work is hard some days…so we have to fill our cup spiritually , mentally and physically for the hard times.

Weather and food?
Yes mom they feed us well….we got LOT of meat and potato dishes at first....Burgers, steaks, and casseroles  SO YUM...but now we've been getting a few Chinese food nights too which we LOVE!!

Weather has been BEAUTIFUL!! It's been in the 80s and 90s!! No clouds!! LOVELY!! I actually got a bit sunburnt the other day. Best day ever. Haha;)   \
Gotta run , sorry so short off to explore…love you!!
Be good and stand strong, sister hodgson

Just a few shots from today:  LOVE YOU!

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