Monday, August 24, 2015

WEEK 12- hospitals, heartbreak and home alone

Okay tanners wedding pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Crazy week this week!! Okay but first off, last week was SOO fun at Ryan's dam! Brother Bailey made Dutch oven "horse apples" -aka amazing amazing appley, doughy, cinnamony, yummy creation. We played pod ball and frisbee out on this beautiful field thing, got attacked by bees,saw the dam and the falls and it was just a blast!!

Also, the Whitneys were out of town at a family reunion all week so we had the entire house(mansion) to ourselves! Haha it was pretty crazy.  But we're glad they're back and they had a great time!!

So this week, we started a new exercise thing! Every other day, our district meets at the church and does an exercise program together!  Sister Moyer wants to be a physical trainer so she has a bunch of programs she's lined up so we do those. It's great! We're all a little
sore but loving it!!  And the days we don't have that, sister Adair and I drive to the hills by the house and I get to run there twice a week.  It's been an amazing week!! Gosh, exercise really does the body and the spirit good. As we used to always say in the MTC "exercise time is sacred time." But honestly, with a bunch of missionaries, you have to expect atleast ONE person to get hurt...we were doing jumps (the stage here is only like 2 or 3 feet high so we were jumping and sister Adair slipped and missed the stage and wrecked it pretty bad....we took her home and cleaned it was pretty bloody and exciting! Haha it's pretty banged up and swollen...she said she has a kankle now...hahah but if it gets more bruised and swollen we'll have to take her in...

Also Barbara who is supposed to get baptized next week? She got grounded from sad…  Gosh my heart is just breaking for B...she's been SO excited, inviting all her friends, etc. She has such a strong testimony and really knows this gospel is true. She wants it so bad!  And god knows that. Things will work out the way He needs them to work

Then B…. OH MY GOODNESS HE IS THE BEST!! We had a few appointments with him this week and a few hours before one of them, his friend M calls. He told us he got our number from B and was telling us that B  just got out of emergency surgery and is in the hospital and would love a call from us. We got brother Ba, brother B and K to come to the hospital with us to give B a blessing. Kirby has been coming to the lessons with us!!!  And wow.  Wow wow wow. The spirit in that room was so incredibly strong. Like wow. I can't even like.  Gahhh.  We read some scriptures and talked with B more about what the priesthood is and what blessings are and about faith.  B was exhausted from surgery but was able to bear us the sweetest testimony of how the gospel makes him feel better and how he just feels good strength in a way he never has before he started meeting with us.  B is SUCH an example of complete unfailing faith.  The kind of faith I want to have.

This was an amazing miracle week of finding! We found 9 new Investigators this week!!  The work is really hastening and I feel so incredibly blessed to be just a tiny tiny part of the work here in Great Falls Montana. We have an amazing Ward and the members are incredible!! I
love this area so much. I love you so much!!!

Sister Hodgson

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