Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WEEK 15- what the Hail??!!

OOHHH my goodness, craziest week ever! Haha soooo...

The week started off with last day as a companionship for Sister Adair and I.  We have grown so much and become good friends…it will be nice to still have her near by.

We said bye to Sister Moyer and Elder  Wessendorf who are Leaving….sad to say bye but we had fun!  After our morning district work out we all made breakfast together and it was awesome!  Super fun.
Loved this district!!

 Then Wednesday we went to the church and Sister Adair got her new companion Sister Siufanua (pronounced sea-a-fin-new-uh) (she goes home in 3 months) and I went with Sister Anderson for the rest of Wednesday and Thursday!  We had all canceled all of our appointments for transfers because we were supposed to be going out to Helena to get our new comps, but they changed it last minute so we had NO appointments...haha  We literally spent the WHOLE rest of Wednesday tracting and finding! Haha  It was really fun, I LOVE
tracting, so we got to meet a ton of people!    

Then the next morning we went to go find S that we tracted into last week.  She's always doing yard work so we figured we could go help out!  When we showed up and asked if we could help.  She FREAKED out and was so grateful!  Her husband threw his back out and she needs shoulder surgery so they were struggling and trying to chop up a bunch of trees
into firewood.  They are the sweetest!!  We ran and changed into service clothes and came back-they handed me a saw and Sister Anderson clippers that were half the size of us and we went to work!!  We spend 2 hours in their backyard chopping up these was so great!  Then they were super sweet and fed us lunch.  She shared with us how worried she was about her uncle who was dying so we took the opportunity  to share a bit about the plan of salvation.  We're meeting with them again this week!  Gosh they're sweet!  We love them.

The transfer vans had car issues on the way up so they were late but FINALLY I met my new companion Sister Crosland.  She is the best thing that's ever happened!! Ohh my gosh!! She's from Moroni Utah.  Shes 23 and she graduated from Snow College and Utah State then came out here!  She's the youngest of 8 siblings and she is just the best!  We're already super close and it's only been 4 days.  Gosh it's going to be a good transfer!

So when the areas were split, us 2 sets of sisters share overlook, then Sis. Adair and Siufanua have belt and Sis Crosland and I have Fort Benton.  Most of the people we know are with the other sisters so we are almost starting fresh.  Its great to be meeting new people and going new places.  Along with sharing the Ward, were also sharing a car and bikes...haha  So Sister Crosland and I were on bikes for this week...oh gosh we live out at the Whitney's still, (so same address) but we have to bike...this hill....haha dying!! And my bikes back brake is that's always exciting...haha  It's a road like out to the Florence's with no shoulder so it was pretty dang scary at 9:30 at night in the pitch black! Haha  But it kept things exciting:) (MOM FEARS!!)

We were actually really excited to be on bikes!!  Then Saturday night we were riding to our dinner appointment and it was SOOO cold!  Then it started pouring rain....then it started hailing...harder and harder...we were soaked!! Haha but such a blast.  We were FREEZING!
Like freezing.  But it's supposed to get back up to the 80s again this week so yay.  There's Montana for you....but it's been CHILLY!!

Also, cool miracle for the week!!  Sister Crosland and I were biking around trying to find a woman we had met the day before...we got lost for 45 minutes on bikes in the freezing cold! The whole time we were thinking "what is the point of this?!" We prayed to find the woman we were trying to find, or at least to be guided to where we need to be!  Finally we left and went to our next appointment real confused as to why we wasted that time...then last night we met this woman who saw us when we were lost on our bikes and recognized us!  Long story short, we have an appointment with their family today!  God is good!  Not always (aka very rarely) in the way we expect.  But we definitely WERE guided to where we needed to be at the time.  Wow!  Love you all!!  Sorry crazy preparation day cause we have to share the
car so were hardly near wifi.  I love you!!  Miss you!!
Sister Hodgson

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