Thursday, September 17, 2015

WEEK 16- Rapture and Cobbler and everything inbetween

I just got your package from June!  Ahhaha Even in Montana!!

This is Williams baptism!! We're so excited for him. The man who baptized him, brother Conklin is a recent convert himself.  He's an awesome example of sharing the thing that makes us happiest in life.

~ how is budgeting going? are you having enough money each month?
Oh yea! I usually have money left over each month....haha we're really blessed to live at the Whitneys...we buy our own food, but toilet paper, soap, etc, the Whitneys provide and said not to buy...were extremely blessed...I don't know what we did to deserve them!! Such a blessing
~ tell us about your companion
She is awesome! She's very organized! We make lists for EVERYTHING!  We really get along great! And even though she's like 4 years older than me, she still so willing to learn together and help each other improve! She is WAY to generous in her compliments to me, but it's so nice to be able to validate each other and still help each other get better! She's so positive and always finds the good in situations. I LOVE HER! And I think I'm learning more from her than she is from me! Haha but its the best:)

 Brother Bailey made some KILLER blackberry cobbler. He's won competitions for it it's awesome!

Oh my goodness crazy week!!! Hahaha holy cow. Where to even begin.
Amazing blessings. As we were leaving church last Sunday, a man from our Ward asked sister Crosland and I if we had any pamphlets....Pshtt. Do we ever!  Brother Milliron met T on the bus and has been giving him pamphlets for a while now!
So we asked if we could schedule a time to meet with the two of them.   We had some scheduling problems but when we finally met him we found he has an amazing understanding and love of the Lord.
 I'm not even joking when I say how much Great Falls is prepared.
Then that night we got a referral from the sisters in Shelby from someone they met at a we got their information and went to go meet L.  We went to meet her and she opened the door and invited us in right away! We got talking with her and got to know her and some expectations she had about meeting with us. Then grandma comes in...oh my.  Then she asked us about how we're feeling about September 28th. We were kinda confused....were feeling..good I guess? I like Fall...haha that's not what she meant.  Haha She started yelling to us about rapture day and how we need to repent!  We don't watch the news so we don't know too much but she told us about a huge machine in Switzerland?  And it's going to open a portal to "the other side" aka the gates of hell.  Demons are going to come through and rip us to shreds.  Unless we repent.  She told us she's been repenting since May....haha  She is quite the character...but we learned REAL fast that when we meet with Leanna, its best if grandma is busy.  And hoy cow she's AMAZING! She has the best questions and really wants to LEARN and know things for herself. Gosh I love her.
Sorry it's so short!  Today for preparation day we went caving.  So cool!
....It's been a crazy busy week and we've been running non stop!  Really though.  We've only had 1 day this week when we had a full hour for lunch. It's insane here.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  This is truly the Lord's work.  Everything is in His hands.  I feel so beyond blessed to be just a tiny instrument in His hands and I work every day to become the sharpest instrument I can.  I love my Savior and I LOVE being here doing His work in Montana.

Love you all!

Sister Hodgson

MOMMY POST NOTE:  One of  the missionaries in her area has a blog and he wrote all about the caving trip AND the cougar chasing them down the hill....sooo...she maybe left that out?? forgot??  

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