Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 17 - we are still Alive!

Hello my lovely family!

First I would like to squash any rumors of being chased by a cougar….we were too fast and were down by the cars but a few of the elders had a energizing experience.  Ours was caving with great friends and having a blast! And we are still alive!


This week I learned, the importance of listening to the spirit and
communicating with your companion. These two things are both soooo
essential in the work of the Lord. One thing that I LOVE about being
companions with sister Crosland is how we established from day one the
expectation of communication. We strive to be 100% open with each
other. And let me tell you it saves lives! Sometimes literally. Haha

Well lately the mission has been really focused on member missionary
work and the importance of members coming to lessons with us.
 It can't be easy to make a life change like this, so good, fellow shipping members are SO IMPORTANT!  We also went on exchanges with the sister Training leaders...they are awesome!

This week we had a little miracle happen! We felt like we should go visit L , who will be baptized in October. She's 19 and super sweet!(her grandmother does not like us as much haha - see  last week’s letter)
We were going to her house, then for some reason, sister Crosland and
I felt like we needed to go to see her at work--Open communication people!! So key.
--Haha well we got there and she had gone home early????
We were kinda bummed and confused why we felt like we needed to
go here...but then the guy standing next to us asks us "hey what
church are you from!?" We introduced ourselves and he's like "I have
been looking for you EVERYWHERE!" Um, what?  Turns out he is a member of our church and has not been to church in 20 years.
 His wife is awesome …we love her!!  We setup a time to meet with them and now she plans to be baptized by her husband in October.

They all came to church on Sunday and so did L.  They said they loved it  It was so good to have them there!  Funny thing about Sunday.  Our Ward mission leader, Brother Hodson( funny she has not mentioned THAT yet???), his wife is the Ward music coordinator and the choir canceled on singing this week so she called us 4 missionaries and asked if we could put together a musical number.
She asked me to play and the other sisters to sing. We agreed. And
they 2 days later bishop called and said that the high council members
who were supposed to speak in our Ward had to canceled. Then he asked if us
missionaries could speak in church too. Haha missionary overload! And
then the bishopric 1st counselor asked if sister Crosland and I could
say the opening and closing prayers. Haha WHAT?! We said we could but
explained the rest of the program and he was like "okay yea, we'll get
someone else..." Haha so poor Overlook Ward is probably sick of the
missionaries now...haha but we're still alive so it's all good.

We had zone conference on Thursday this last week and
the zone leaders called and asked on Monday if I could play piano for
a musical number that elder Hendricks was doing. They were singing
"Come Unto Christ" one of my favorite songs! But I'd never played it
before and WHEN as a missionary do we have time to practice for
musical numbers!? Normally I'd say during lunch but we haven't gotten
more than 20 minutes for lunch all week because of appointments and
how long it takes to bike to each one! Haha so I played through it I
think 2 times.
..and can I just say that the gift of tongues is real? But
with music too? Haha no clue how, but it turned out okay…but we are still alive.

Anyway, last story! So the open communication and listening to the
spirit part? Yea, that's SO real!
We went to a street a couple blocks down from our last appointment
and started tracting. It was a baaaaad night for it. Not only was
everyone VERY not interested, but probably some of the more rude
people we've encountered so far...we had one lady who used some pretty
strong language …. Haha we kinda had an
off feeling ever since we started ...then this lady, after
yelling at us, calmed down  and said "really though. You girls
need to get out of here, you shouldn't be here after dark. Bad things
happen around here."  For some reason it
was really sticking with me but I kept brushing it off ---but sister C and I talked .... the
feeling was super strong and I was like "okay, yea we need to get our
bikes and leave." We ran and got our bikes and headed home. As soon as
we left that street we started feeling better...it was the weirdest
thing. --As we were biking, I remembered that  just a few days earlier
there had been a homicide there. A few minutes later we heard sirens in the
same area. To be honest, who knows what happened or what could have
happened but it was just good to know that, God watches
out for His children. I'm so extremely glad to have a companion who is
open and how we can be honest with each other. And so extremely
grateful to have the Spirit leading and guiding us and protecting us.
And we're still alive!

Well well well. I love you all! So much! And I love the Lord and I
love doing His work! I am so blessed to be here in Great Falls. I love
you! Until next week!

Sister Hodgson

 In Mormon 9:22 it says that we have been asked to go "into all the
world and preach the gospel to every creature"...

Also-- P.S. Funny story--kinda. We were coming home from an
appointment and it's like pitch black once you get out toward the
Whitneys. We were riding bikes and we were on the last corner till
home and as we rounded the corner I got hit by the neighbors dog. Haha
We call him Heath Ledger because he looks like the joker. True story.
Totally fell off my bike and scraped up my leg a bit but we're all
still alive!

Okay--love you!!!!


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