Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WEEK 14 - Transfers and Giggles

Yes Choir was FUN for the conference.  And Playing for the elder the medley of hymns was scary and  fun! I've used piano way more than I thought I would...I'm super grateful for the pianist calling I had at school to help me keep it up...and I'm grateful for parents who reminded me to always have a few hymns under my belt...hahah

It was SOOOo awesome to see so many people I LOVE!!

 Okay so...transfer calls last night! I'm staying here in Great Falls!!! Yay! So is sister Adair! Yay! We're both going to be in Overlook Ward still. Yay!! but we're both getting new companions!  What? Sister Adair's new comp is Sister Siufanua and I'm going to be training. Even more WHAT??? Haha  So I'll go to Helena on Wednesday and stay there till Thursday then meet my new comp then and we'll drive back here! So many mixed emotions right now! Haha

We took some pictures of our AWESOME District  before we Scatter and mix :( These people
really become your family in so many ways. Blessed to know them!

Anyway. I think this week might take the cake for best week of my mission thus far...we had the opportunity to watch B, S and Ba get baptized this week! Holy cow. Pure joy. I can't even describe how amazing. I think back to the first time meeting all of them and just think how far we've ALL come! B, we just saw him sitting outside  and really felt like we need to talk to him...Ba's sister is in our ward And S literally called us and asked to be taught. All their stories are so different. They've all had different pasts, different futures, different trails. But they are all Gods children. God loves us all the same and no matter what, He always watches out for us. And sister Adair and I feel SOOO blessed to be able to be just a tiny part of the beginning of their conversion.

So the baptisms were Saturday. Bo and Scott were both just BEAMING! Scott was SOOO excited and kept saying that he had been waiting so long for this.  He's had a long road full of trials. But his faith is amazing!
And Beau just looked like a kid in a candy store! Haha I was talking to him afterward and asked how he was feeling and he's like "giggly!"  That's the only way I can describe it!" Haha he is the sweetest! It's so true though! The Spirit was so strong. And to be honest, sometimes, giggly is the only way to describe things. Haha

Barbs was a bit more stressful…...when she was heading off to go change, she realized she had forgotten her clothes and such, but the ward pitched in and  her baptism was beautiful. Some of her family members who are not members of our church  came and hopefully are understanding her heart and  desires. Baby steps.

Well other than that, it was a pretty normal week! We've been super blessed with busy busy days!. Haha  always running but that's the way we like it. There have honestly been miracles here in Great Falls. I can't even explain how blessed we feel to be here. This truly is the Lord's work. It's His work and everything is in His timing. God loves all of us! Holy cow He does. He has blessed us with amazing examples of faith in B, S and Ba. I've come to know even more how much we all feel the spirit differently! Sister Adair said her heart gets heavy when she feels it, S said he feels like he's floating. I cry (thanks mom and dad;) ) hahaha and sometimes we feel like B and just feel giggly. But no matter how we feel the Spirit, we all do! God loves us and we can feel that love more fully when were exercising our faith and  following His commandments. Gosh, life is good!! I love you all.

Sister Hodgson

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