Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WEEK 19- a few highlights

GAHH I love conference weekend!! Oh my goodness.  Words of living
prophets.  Wow we are BLESSED.
Holy cow.  This week was amazing! So fun!  Conference was SUCH a
highlight of the week!  And real fast before I get on my
conferenceisamazingandblesseslives rant, I wanted to touch on a few
other quick highlights from the week.

Pday was great we washed cars and other house keeping and made rings :)

The first one is D and R.  D has taken the lessons before a while ago but he and his girlfriend  just faded away but they were on our records.  Then Wednesday, one of our appointments canceled so we decided to go try to find this D.
We were riding out bikes down the street saying hi to everyone...then this
couple sitting on a bench yelled something at us...we figured it was
just another day in downtown--normal--haha but then we felt like we
should talk to them.  Guess who it was. D AND R!!  Gosh they're
so sweet!  We have met and talked a lot.  We have a wedding planned in October!!
and their baptisims in November!!!  So exciting.  And holy goodness.  D has the strongest
testimony. He's had the lessons before and has been reading so as we were talking
 he just started crying and bore the
sweetest testimony of the restoration.  And wow.  The gospel changes
lives.  And being able to see the change of someone you barely know but
already love so much is such a blessing. They are literally  finding us in the
streets!  People’s hearts remember!!

Second one!  Idk really if it's a highlight or not but it snowed this week. (notice her bare feet) Hahaha so highlight for my companion from Utah!  But I'm still
deciding.  And to make it even better we were on bikes this week! I don't think I've ever sang "Come Come Ye Saints" so many times in one
day. Haha and I'm having a bit more sympathy for the pioneers.  But it was a
good character building experience! And thankyouthankyouthank mommy
for sending my coat in perfect timing!! You're truly inspired.

  And now for conference.  (mom we watched at the sullivan's they ROCK and we made cookies!!!!!)....



couple three highlights from the weekend:
--Elder Lawrence - "What Lack I Yet?" I LOVED it! It's amazing how
personal the Holy Ghost is....haha He is always there to help us
become more like our Savior. We always say, ask specific questions to
get specific answers! And it's so true. We always want to be
progressing right?!
--Elder Clark - I LOVE the "ponderize" thing.  Mine for the week is Mosiah 7:33 :)
--Elder Christofferson - About why we need the church! One of the most
common things we hear here in Montana is "I don't need religion"
--President Uchtdorf - during women's conference - choose to be happy and
find joy!!  The message I really got from this is how so many of us
constantly say things like "they made me so mad!!" or things like
that, but truly it's our choice to find the joy in situations!! And we
are blessed to have that choice:)

We love anyone who we can good for the heart...but not always my shoes :)

My goodness.  I LOVE the Lord.  I love His church.  We are so blessed to
have this church from a loving Heavenly Father and His son
Jesus Christ.  I absolutely love you all and I love being a missionary!
I love you all and hope you have an incredible week!!

Sister Hodgson

We have to be creative when traveling on a bike :)

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