Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WEEK 21- what lack I yet?

Hello hello!

Wow. Things have been insane. Haha they always are with transfers but
this was my first time actually moving for transfers so that was even
more crazy. I packed up and said some tough goodbyes

 Leaving Great
Falls was hard...REALLY hard........

They mandate Flu shots here…….Here's photo evidence that I did.....I look like I'm smiling but on
the inside I was thinking "get that thing away from me". I hate
vaccinations. But you know...exact obedience......

Right now we live in a little trailer park. It's been a party! The bed
broke so we're sleeping on a mattress on the ground...the toilet seat
is broken so you have to be careful when you sit so you don't slide
off. It happens. Especially at when its dark. Haha  You can't run more than 2 sources of water at the same
time! If your showering and have the faucet on, you can't flush the
toilet.   Its all good.... it's usually just a nice, steady trickle of water to shower in.   So it's way fun!   I was spoiled in my last area....But change is good right?? Every day is an
adventure here.

Transfers last 3 days here in MBM. Haha they start
Tuesday and the last vans get to their spots on Thursday. I got here  on Wednesday and met with Sister Rasmussen. She's from American Fork Utah and has been here for a few transfers.
Oh my goodness, I haven't laughed this hard
 in a long time. Yes, we're pretty goofy but we're ready to WORK
this transfer! It's gona be the best. The first few days were stuffed
with a billion and one meetings.

 Sister Rasmussen and I split the 2 wards with the zone leaders…So….
 we met with both bishops,
both ward mission leaders, the stake president and high counsel, and
now we're meeting with all the auxiliaries for both  wards. It's been
insane. literally. But it's good!  It's such a learning
experience. Way more busy times
to come. But I'm SO grateful for this opportunity.
A little terrified too but it's great!

Okay and wow, we have an amazing zone!--I'm pretty sure everyone says
that about their zone though. Haha but I'm just so extremely grateful. We started off
this transfer with a zone fast to consecrate ourselves and give our
hearts to the Lord
 As we fasted, we thought about and prayed
specifically of what we can give to the Lord to purify ourselves.
We are here to do His work. There is
No other time like this to totally serve like  RIGHT NOW. So each of us kneeled down and once again,
recommitted ourselves to our purpose and to our Heavenly Father. The
beautiful thing is that it is not just for on our missions.
We can ALL turn our hearts over to the Lord.
I LOVE Elder Lawrence’s  talk about "what lack I yet?".
We can ask Him right NOW, anytime,e "what lack I yet?" What can I do better? What can I change
to become more like You? It really does work. He answers I can promise
you that. So I invite you to do it. :)

I love you all so much!!!! I miss you! But I love this work and I know
we're all where we're supposed to be right now. Love you love you!!

Sister Hodgson

PS really gonna miss these ladies!!!

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