Friday, October 2, 2015

WEEK 18- Not much...but family Rocks

Well it's been a bit of a crazy week! We had lots of appointments
scheduled and lots canceled...haha but such is the life of a
missionary.... Sister Crosland and I had one of those weeks where we feel like we've been
running ourselves into the ground busy!! But haven't gotten anything
done...but we're ready for a killer week this next week!!

There was a big chruch Potluck....Food friends and fun! Fun to have all the sisters in the same place too!

 Sisters Crosland and I, Siufanua, Anderson, Adair ( my old comp now with Siufanua) and

We've been working with L a lot and she came to church last week
and loved it! But remember  her Grandmother had some concerns….
Today is actually rapture day! So Congratulations everyone for making it. Her Grandmother had quit her job a month ago and has been repenting to prepare. ( I guess not a bad thing)
She's actually been out in the wilderness the past 2 weeks repenting
for today so we've been able to see L lots more, but now she's
back, she wanted to spend her last few days with L.
I guess I don't blame grandma L!  If I had 2 days left before we either got torn up by
demons or taken up, I'd want to spend it with my family too.  Its interesting how things we believe can have such power in our lives.  We’ll goby tomorrow and check in on them .

Real quick I just want to testify of the importance of families.  I
miss mine!  So much!  But it's incredible to see families coming
together for eternity.  B and J are doing amazing!  I
can't wait to see this sweet family make these covenants and start the
steps  to become an eternal family when they can go
through the temple in a year.  In sacrament meeting the topic was
mothers and fathers.  While the speakers were talking, I kept thinking
of you mommy and daddy.  Really.  I know I
don't always talk about it but I'm eternally grateful for all I've
learned from you two.  The most of the incredible things I've learned are from the
unspoken times and the pure love I feel from you both.  I love
you and miss you!

I love serving the Lord and I'm so happy to be here!  This is where I am supposed to be!

So like I mentioned we've been super busy! Super busy...were actually
heading off to appointments today during preparation day time so sorry
this so short but I love you all!! The gospel is true!!

Sister Hodgson

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