Friday, December 4, 2015

WEEK 27- Exact Obedience

Wow. What an amazing week! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
We had a great thanksgiving here!  One house with empty nesters who we adore and another full of children to play with. Both full of food and love.

First of all…its SNOWING here!!

Believe it or not I have been on the mission for 6 months!!  Wow the time goes SO fast!!


Transfers were Wonderful ~ some of the MTC crowd got to share hugs and swap stories!!  Love these ladies!!

So to be completely honest, this last little bit has been crazy.
Sister Rasmussen and I have been obedient, definitely! But we just
felt something lacking. We were being obedient, doing the things we
were supposed to, checking some boxes, etc but the work was just
slowing Goodness gracious, I KNEW there was work here in Helena. The
Lord has prepared people to come closer to Him, but why weren't we
finding them?? So I started to really evaluate myself and my
missionary work from the beginning till now. The thing that was truly
standing out to me was obedience, total obedience where you give it all up to God.
Specifically with morning studies With a billion exchanges, sketchy  wifi  and
all these other excuses, we were doing studies but we were justifying
being a little  late, or not having a solid study
We just felt we could have been doing way more and being more exactly obedient. We and
those that we were teaching and the work were receiving blessings, but
for this to truly be the Lord's work, we need miracles. We need the
Lords power. So we changed. Ever since that day we talked and prayed
and realized this, we've been diligently studying and being exactly
obedient. And holy cow. The miracles come!! There have been way too
many to even count! But I'll just share a few quick ones…..

A sister  who has been struggling with her son and busy work etc…she is REALLY making an effort
But sometimes just feels she does not get answers.
We had a lesson together and went over and talked about prayer and feeling
Gods love.  As we were planning for a lesson with her this week, Sister Rasmussen
and I felt really strongly that it was time for her to say a prayer
out loud. That she was ready. She's very shy and quiet
We just talked all about prayer
and what it is. We talked about the simplicity of prayer and how we
are literally talking to our Father in Heaven
And holy cow, she offered the sweetest, most genuine,
powerful prayer. The Spirit flooded the room and there was
no mistaking God's love for everyone in that room, especially D
Ahhh God loves us!! So much! He wants to hear from us. Let Him!

Another sister has just been so many things…we talked about praying
For peace and she really has noticed a difference in her life with that simple prayer

C is  another one! …
She's been avoiding us. Then out of the blue,
she FINALLY responds to our texts and calls and invited us over for
last night! And wow. The Lord prepared her! She said "I can't even
explain it and I have no clue why, but I just really felt this pull to
have you sisters over again”
We had the best lesson ever
Last one I promise! Haha this is a woman named S. Sister Rasmussen and her last companion Sister Cutler met her when she was moving in but haven't been able to get ahold of her since. We felt like we should stop by, even though she's NEVER there when we try her. And guess what. She was there!! She invited us in .  Were meeting with her again tomorrow and holy cow. She's amazing !!

So funny story I know mom will LOVE!..... 
Also, last one I promise! But today during studies we were sitting
there and we heard someone trying to open the front door! No knocking
but pushing and turning the handle and stuff trying to get
in....sounded really rough too like a big guy! And us, being forever
out of town, NO ONE COMES BY OUR CABIN. Ever. So we were a little
alarmed.....haha so naturally we grab the BB gun and hard metal shoe
thing to go see what was up....we saw big boot prints walking to and
from and around the house but no one was there! Haha creepy story for
the day. But we felt pretty intimidating cause we must have scared him
off. Haha

I can truly testify that God hears our
prayers. We need to reach out and open the door for Him, He's always
there waiting but we have to show our willingness. Whether it's
praying out loud, reading scriptures,, or being
exactly obedient, HE IS THERE. Always. He never leaves us
alone...sometimes we stray from Him but He is always there for us. I'm
so grateful for that! I'm so grateful for the atonement of our Savior
Jesus Christ

 Work hard, pray always and love much!

Sister Hodgson


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