Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week 29- blah

She answered a few questions:

The weather report says you should be getting 5-12 INCHES of snow....having fun??
Haha yea we got about 2 feet.....the zone leaders came up and helped dig us
out's crazy stuff up there! And still snowing...we'll
probably have to do it again tomorrow....

Are you warm enough-  Yes !  The Hiltons were Brilliant with the Canada jacket  and I think of them Everyday when  I am WARM!
And the NANA BOOTS came just in time, the big snow is here…and I have warm feet!

So sorry for no email....this was a tough week. I could use a few prayers this way...blah. I don't know if you remember Marisa Parco?She was beautiful and fun and kind and everything a woman should be.  She was my roommate at school during summer school. Apparently she had lymphoma and died this week. I pray for her family and friends and my heart hurts. It's hit me a little harder than I's been a tough week! But the elders, were saying goodnight after a planning meeting and they were just like "does one of you need a blessing?" I'm so grateful for the spirit and the priesthood...I am  being very humbled and the Lord is just giving me opportunity after opportunity to be humble and receive a priesthood blessing. I'm grateful for this gospel and can't wait to talk to you next week! Sorry it's so short.....but I love you all.

Love, Sister Hodgson

She sent this last week...but I thought it fit for this week...keep her in your prayers please

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