Thursday, December 10, 2015

WEEK 28- It the CHRISTMAS SEASON and there is SNOW and I want to BECOME

Merry start of the Christmas season!!!! Holy cow, Christmas is the best!! And this is the first time I've had snow at Christmas time...kinda terrifying a bit....but thank goodness I have my new BOOTS!! Thank you Nana for the early Christmas present…They are AWESOME!!'re a lifesaver!!!:)

So....busy week full of meetings upon meetings again! Haha meetings with president Bingham, the high council, Zone Leaders, other missionaries, etc...we had MLC this week and it was amazing as usual!! 

Some things that I've been pondering lately is our focus as missionaries. As missionaries, our focus should be on our purpose. It seems so eternally obvious, but it's true! If we start to loose focus on why we are out here, we start to loose the things we've come to learn…... on the other hand, if everything we do is focused on our purpose, which is to invite others come unto Christ, then our thoughts, words and actions will follow! As will the miracles

One question I've been asking myself lately is how focused I am on my calling to serve?? Am I willing to leave behind Rebecca and become Sister Hodgson? I hope and pray so. I think that's a question we can all ask the Lord in one way or another. Am I willing to leave behind the person I was, to become the person YOU need me to be? 

With the mission change from rules to principles there have been lots of questions asked as to what's okay and what's not. The only things were keeping are the things that are stated or showed in the white handbook, missionary health guide, etc. Everything is now focused on "does this help me fulfill my purpose?" Or "does this take away from my purpose?"
If we just unwillingly go by the rules because that's what our mission president told us to, one day, when we're home and don't have to live by those rules anymore, we just got back to who we were before. Eek. That's one thing that I pray I don't do. This life is about CHANGE and BECOMING. And being on a mission gives you that opportunity on steroids. In doctrine and covenants, 74:4 it talks about how as we follow the traditions of others and rules, we're not converted to the gospel or the Lord but as we change from rules to principles, we have the opportunity to understand the WHY behind things and are able to self govern better and learn how to become who the Lord needs us to be. 

Anyway, there's my little rant for the week...haha missions are GREAT!

So we were studying and I started to feel tired so I went outside barefoot to wake up…WOW it gets cold here!!

D  has been having NIGHTLY FAMILY PRAYER WITH HER KIDS AND SHES BEEN SAYING THE PRAYER OUT LOUD. Amazing what joy is found in talking to our father in heaven.
We are getting to teach and serve more, had several friends at the Christmas devotional ( wasn’t that WONDERFUL) And at church.  We all are just BECOMING!!

Okay SOOO sorry this is so scattered!! I'm pretty scatterbrained today. Haha but I just love you so much! I love being  here in Helena. I wouldn't change it for the world!! I'm so excited to spend this Christmas time here in Helena with an amazing Ward and an amazing companion!! I definitely miss you back home but also feel SOOO eternally blessed to be here Love you tons!!

Sister Hodgson

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