Friday, January 8, 2016

WEEK 32- Prayer Works

So....the big news....transfers.....aaaannnnddddddd.....

SISTER RASMUSSEN AND I ARE STAYING HERE IN HELENA!!! WOOHO! We're so excited for another transfer here and to me it just shows that there's so much more of the Lord's work here for the two of us to do together! We're excited.

First ... It was so good to see faces and remember the way you all laugh, smile and talk and joke. Gosh I loved seeing your faces! It helps give me more motivation and just gives a lift.. I'm so blessed:) 

 I did get my Christmas package mom…don’t worry!  (She got her Christmas package the 30th??!!  I mailed it two weeks before Christmas ~ sigh~ atleast she got the small box with stockings for her and her comp…its not a Foreign country? What took so long)

How is driving in the snow?
Fun story, we were driving to Dillon this week for exchanges and it's supposed to be about 1 1/2 hours away...  it took us 4 hours to get there....ridiculous! Haha but we made it....I drove both ways...we were going to take turns, but sister Rasmussen was driving when we were leaving, and got on some ice and we went SWERVING like crazy!  Holy cow. We were completely perpendicular to the road...I remember it was like slow motion and I was looking out the passenger window and saw the road straight in front of us. Not gona lie it was pretty scary! Haha were swerving back and forth like that all over the place...I honestly have NO clue how we straightened out but we did. Haha we swear it was Angels. But we're very blessed because right as we straightened out a car zoomed past us...that would have been a huge mess ..haha anyway, prayer is the real deal!  So she was a little shaken so she had "grandma"  Drive J
Silly Californian In the snow!!  All new wonders!!


Well....HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wooho! 2016 here we go:) I hope you all had the best beginning of the new year! I know we did here in the Helena zone. Miracles happen and prayer is definitely the real deal! 

Someone in the Ward anonymously gave us $40 for this Ward
is incredible.......we went to our favorite restaurant, Jade Garden....amazing New Year's Eve dinner! (and Leftovers)

Happy birthday Matthew! I was thinking about you tons yesterday!! Hope it was awesome. Love you lots and lots!!!!

So the work has been a little slow here…So us and the zone leaders talked about problems and solutions...  We discussed consecration, sacrifice, faith, working hard, following the Spirit, serving others, etc.  Our solution was to mix all of them together...  We wanted to stretch our faith by doing all of these things. We know that Facebook has been a bit of a road block with the whole mission... So we did a Facebook fast this past week   We worked on being more consecrated, we prayed each prayer for us and all the missionaries in the zone, we stretched our faith, we set goals, we sacrificed, and we worked HARD.  And wow.  Can I just say, prayer is the real deal.  Each companionship found 2 OR MORE people new to teach this week.  It was a HUGE faith builder and testimony strengthener.  Holy cow.  It works.  Prayer works.

We are working with a sweet young mother named M.  She and her boys came to church and really loved it.  She said they found peace and encouragement and felt lifted.   She is such a blessing to serve and get to know.

I can just testify that as we choose things to sacrifice, to give up, to fast from at the start of this new year, we turn ourselves, our will and our hearts to the Lord. We stretch and strengthen our faith. We pray, we make goals, we pray again, and we GO AND DO!  I LOVE being a missionary!  I'm so grateful to have filled my cup and seen family over Skype on Christmas and get ready and pumped for this new year!  I can't wait to see the amazing miracles that happen in the Lord's work this next year.
Work hard, pray always and love much!!

Sister Hodgson


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