Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 34 - No letter but a few pictures with explanations.... :(

MLC! These are all the STL in the mission and Sister Wadsworth and
Sister Baird on the end. They're awesome sisters! Sister Baird is
Elder Baird (the vehicle coordinator missionary)'s wife. They're the

                                    Sister Anderson, Bell, Major, Moyer, Freeman, Rammell, Rasmussen,
                                                                              Wadsworth and Baird.

That was at MLC so Mission Leadership council.....it's the zone
leaders, the sister training leaders and the assistants and president
and sister Wadsworth....we go and discuss the mission and define what
things we need to work on, how we can help with obedience, we define
and tweak the mission rules and standards of excellence, etc.....it's
amazing and we always learn so much!! . One thing that President
Wadsworth said that really  stuck out to me was "no matter what we
think we are, at the end of the day, we're teachers." And that really
hit because in all reality, that's what Christ did! He taught! Whether
it was in a sermon or by example helping those around Him and
forgiving others and helping them be better, He taught. Wherever He

and this is us blowing off a little steam...hahahah

 I  got the Christmas Package mom!  Thanks so much !  the lights are up in our room, and we are having fun.  It brought some sunshine into this winter wonderland.

This is Haven...we visit their family a lot. She reminds me SO much of Mariah ( remember our one of our foster babies) I just love playing with her and she loves our name tags

This is us and Sister Wray.
She's the cutest little thing! She's so energetic
and call us "her baby girls" hahaha we went over for a lesson and she had made us YUMMY cookies.
  Then she came to all three hours of Chruch. Makes  my heart happy.


These are our puppies, Rufus and Freckles~ thanks for the package Mom!

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