Friday, January 15, 2016

WEEK 33- respect for Moms and the Book of Mormon

Dad, Oh! We used to drive a Chevy cruise! we had a blue one in my last area and a red one at the beginning of this one! But the beginning of my first transfer here, they gave us this one!! It's a 2014 jeep .
We like it:) nice to have 4 wheel drive for all the snow and the
driving and stuff Haha:)

Fun fact! It snows in Montana. A lot. Haha
when we were
coming home from church on Sunday, we were pulling into our driveway
and got stuck! And I mean stuck. Sister Rasmussen was driving this
time and couldn't open her door cause it was too high with snow! So I
ran and opened the garage and we had to dig ourselves out! Haha I bet
we looked awesome with our skirts and shovels in the middle of the
mountains with our little jeep stuck. Haha but we all need the Montana
experience right?!;)

This week was a week where my testimony of the Book of Mormon was strengthened tremendously. To be honest there wasn't one big moment where trumpets sounded and angels shouted "hallelujah" and I knew "that's the the Lord needed me to learn this week", but as I've been pondering the blessings and miracles that we've seen this week, I can't help but notice the role of the Book of Mormon in everything
that's happened. And for me, it all started with studies. --Sorry this
is so scattered but my thoughts are everywhere!!!
So bear with me.

At the start of my mission, I was super good at studying the Book of
Mormon diligently each day. But  as I've been studying in personal study for those people that we were teaching that day, my studies turned more to conference talks, Preach My Gospel ,  articles and stories and the ensign and all these other words of the Lord!

This week, the Lord and
I talked about it and decided that it's one thing (one of the many)
things I need to work on....haha so I've been spending much more time
in the Book of Mormon. In an email from Matthew a few weeks ago, he
mentioned the scriptures and using them in teaching and answering
questions....Ive been searching for scriptures and stories in the Book
of Mormon specifically that help answer the questions of those were
teaching. It's been a huge focus of all who we've been teaching this
week.  Its amazing how many times a day we talk and testify .
We were talking one day and President Wadsworth said something along the lines of "if you can get those you're teaching to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, there's nothing that they won't do for this gospel." And holy cow that really stuck with me. THATS how we help them make and keep their covenants.

We had Many people that have not been coming to church come and several great lessons and opportunities to serve.  Its been a good week.
We have been teaching M a lot lately.  She wants so much to continue on her path but things from her past make her feel badly about herself and angry at others.   Shes been reading the Book of Mormon and was finding answers and some questions.  She said she wanted to come to church but she was super
nervous to bring her kiddos because they're young, busy boys.
Sister Rasmussen and I were sweatin. Haha we prayed so hard that it would be a good experience. They were busy boys!!
All the time, in the background, bishop
Whittaker was giving the most amazing talk. It was on the Book of
Mormon. (SURPRISE)
And the whole time I was
thinking "gahhh I wish M could focus and hear this!!!" But wow.
Our ward is incredible. The Youngs saved her a seat, sister Knudsen
and her daughter brought coloring books for the boys, everyone came up and said hi, helped her boys find primary afterward, everything was
Anyway. After church M and I were talking and I asked about her
thoughts and feelings of church. And wow. Can I just say that moms are
incredible multi taskers?? Haha
She said the best part of church
was -get this- was bishops talk!! She talked and testified of how much
she needed that and how it answered so many of her questions.
Holy cow. Such a testimony to me of how even through the mumble and jumble of crying kiddos, broken crayons and Cheerios flying at church, the Spirit can still testify !

 The gospel is amazing. The Book of Mormon is true. It's so
eternally true, I could never deny it. And like bishop, I don't know
that it's true because someone proved it to me with evidence and
witnesses and proof. I know it's true because I ask my Father in
This life is a process. And I'm so
grateful for it!! I love you so much and I love my
Savior and everything that is possible because of Him.

Sister Hodgson

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