Thursday, January 28, 2016

Week 35- Roller coaster life

Have I mentioned that is snows here?

Well this week was a definite roller coaster....Holy cow, so much to
say and tell so I'll try to make it make sense! But sorry if I'm not

This week started off busy from the get go! We had practically ZERO
time on preparation day to email because we went to President
Bingham's house to make corn bags! They're like rice bags, but from
field corn.
Now we put them in the microwave every night or morning to keep
warm during studies and stuff. We put them in our bed each night so
we're toasty's awesome:


Well here goes the busy started off on a high!
we decided to tract  a little bit and we met a girl named K
She's having a tough time right now and was very open to our message.
She is a young mom and  she's definitely been through a lot but she has so
much faith in Christ. She is really searching for truth and peace right now.  Love when  People feel stronger and loved.
Tuesday we also had an awesome lesson with C
She's awesome and so ready for  change. We've been working on the Book of Mormon with her and she's been reading so much more! Also, she finally said the closing prayer!!
She was a bit nervous about Prayer so she finally pinky promised that she would do it the next
time...we had photo evidence....and she did (if you know Rebecca you know she likes PINKY Promises)!  It was the sweetest
prayer.  In it she thanked the Lord for the gospel and  she prayed for specific answers to her specific
questions and she said she felt the Spirit!!
It's the little things, right?:)

Did I tell you it snows in Montana? fact! We have a metal roof....we came home this
week to THIS. The gutter and all the perpendicular-snow-stopper-things
on the roof came crashing down! Apparently with the snow melting and
refreezing it got super thick and icy and heavy and took down the snow
stopper things with it! It crashed all over the deck...luckily the
Welches were coming in town the next day to grab a few things so they
came by and took it the rest of the way off....

Picture 2-the next day we come in and AGAIN find ALL THE SNOW FROM THE ROOF came crashing down....all of it.  It took down a little part
of the fence with it....eek! The Welches were very cool about it and
were like "it would have happened anyway...good thing you were here to
see it!" Needless to say, we spent a lot of time shoveling

Wednesday morning was uplifting and beautiful!! We had the opportunity
to be part of the worldwide missionary conference. It was awesome! Our
zone met at the stake center in the high council room and streamed it
in to watch live. It was so incredible! They haven't had something
like this in a decade so that was amazing to be a part of. There was a
huge emphasis placed on the doctrine of Christ. Remembering  the
basics! A lot was shared about Christ and repentance. Repenting is one

So Wednesday afternoon is when things started taking a
dip....we were supposed to have dinner with the Hatch family, the
SWEETEST couple ever....well the morning of,  Brother Hatch called and
said Sister Hatch isn't feeling well and we might have to reschedule
dinner. She slipped on the ice and fell and needed to rest. The next
day, we find out that it was a really bad fall...she was going in to
surgery for her head/brain injury. She and brother Hatch went up to
Great Falls to the hospital and they put her in an induced coma. The
surgery went okay but she had a stroke right after and sweet Sister
Hatch passed away this week. She was an amazing woman and will be very
missed! She was so lively and fun and always had a beautiful,
energetic smile. Brother Hatch is one of the strongest men I know. And
such a missionary. Such examples to me and the friendliest, kindest people you'll ever meet. They are
an amazing family and we really are going to miss Sister Hatch. It was
a tough one. On top of that, sweet Sister Rasmussen's grandma passed
away the same day that Sister Hatch did. I have learned great lessons
of strength this week. I've learned the importance  of remembering the
plan of salvation and taking every opportunity given us by the Lord to
build our testimonies. ---
--Anyway, I can just testify that the atonement is real!
Not only for sins and mistakes but for strength and lifting. I've seen
it in my life and so many others that are having trials placed before
them right now. The Lord loves us all and gives us opportunities to
turn to Him in love and prayer. Thank goodness for this gospel that
lifts and strengthens us. We have definitely been needing it this last
little bit.

Well the end of the week things started to head back up again!
Saturday was a blessing. No it was a miracle! The power of prayer is
real. --I don't remember if I told you this or not....but just in
case, here we go--Our zone is starting a new thing called the M&M
Initiative.  Basically the main points  are we read Alma 8:10 and talk about praying in faith and "wrestling with God". We share stories and experiences ……….Then we read Alma 16:16 and talk about the Lord pouring out His Spirit to prepare the hearts and minds of the people…we see the miracles Daily!

Our Sweet Friend M has been searching and asking and now has set a date and committed
to make covenants with our Father in Heaven.
I know without a doubt it was because of prayers. Prayers for hearts
and minds to be prepared! Prayers for M specifically! Prayers
for the Spirit! Wow this work is amazing.
I love Montana! I love the people here and the pure joy that
comes from watching prayers be answered. Life is a roller coaster--non
stop ups and downs and turn arounds...but the Lord lets these ups and
downs and all arounds happen so we can tighten our seat belts and tie
ourselves to the Lord and His gospel.
Love you lots!!

Sister Hodgson

Also....I'm so sorry but one last story...haha it's kinda a silly one
but it freaked Sister Rasmussen and I out! Haha so we were going to
find another family and we were in a creepier part of was
late at night, one of our last stops and fun fact about
Montana--street lights aren't a thing. So it's super super dark
outside, were walking to this creepy apartment complex and it's a
completely silent night. Then for some reason I felt like I should
turn around and look behind us....I did, and I saw this big ugly black
dog just standing there staring at us. It didn't make any noise, it
didn't move, it just stood there staring from about 3 feet away. We
didn't hear it come up or anything! All I really said was "oh" under
my breath and Sister Rasmussen looked behind and saw it too. We got
the creepiest feeling so we turned and started walking away. We look
like 4 steps then I turned back to see if it was following us and it
was GONE! Haha no sound at ALL! Just disappeared. Never saw it again.
Haha all I could think of was that it was "the grim" from Harry
Potter. Hahaha anyway missions are the best thing ever. LOVE YOU!!!

 Thanks for the package and the blue sweaters !!

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