Wednesday, February 17, 2016

week 38- expect the unexpected never ceases to surprise!!!!

So...transfer news right?? Drumroll please......budhudhuhdudhdud................

 I'm leaving.....I'm off to Missoula

And sister Rasmussen is
staying here in Helena for the 7th transfer! And also, this next
transfer is a 7 week transfer so it's extra more time....haha crazy
news huh?! I'm excited for this next adventure, but I'm not going to
lie, I'm gona miss this place and more importantly, the people...

It's always hard to say goodbyes and leave an area, especially when
there are so many people that have shaped you here. Missions really
are a refiners fire! And Helena, the heat has definitely been turned
up a bit for me. I've had some of the hardest times, and some of the
best times here. And the people here, I'll definitely never forget!!!

D and her family-she's been through so much and is so young with 3
kids...trying to make life work! It's hard!! It's tough! But the gospel makes life better. The kids are amazing and strong and such a GREAT family!

C-she is incredible. She's been through so much. Everything
hard in life that could happen, she's been through it...and yet she
has the strength and the faith to come closer to Christ through this
gospel. She knows it will improve the quality of her life by miles and
she is ready and willing to commit. I've never really seen such a
complete 180 turn around in someone's life. She is amazing.

M-holy cow, talk about strong women. Her recent divorce, working with her ex
, her 2 full time jobs
plus being a full time mom, etc. nothing seems to stop her. She is so
faithful and amazing and I'm grateful to have her in my life. I've
learned so much from her about making time for the gospel. It often
doesn't seem convenient or even a possibility to fit in busy
schedules, but we can always make time for the Lord.

And holy cow holy cow am I going to miss Sister Rasmussen. We've
learned SO much over the last 4 1/2 months together and have become
the best of friends in the process. I've learned how to be open, love
 people and laugh through the hard stuff. I've learned how to lift
and be lifted. Love this sister. Always and forever.

So many amazing ward members here I love so much. So many awesome
missionaries, amazing people and unforgettable friends. I'm so sad to
leave but so ready and willing to be wherever the Lord has in store!

But anyway, enough of the sappy stuff....this has been an awesome
week!!!! All in all
through, Great week and Sister Rasmussen will be seeing 6 amazing people enter the waters and make
....holy cow, Helena is ready! This is like the lamest email ever
but I don't really know what to say...other than I love Helena. I'm
excited to love Missoula! I love my Savior and I love His gospel. I
love you! You really learn to expect the unexpected! Have an awesome week!!
 Workhard, pray always and love much.
Sister Hodgson

PS this man is the  last B-17 pilot left from Pearl Harbor! He wrote a book and
gave us all one and signed it for us...haha he's super sweet! He's 97
and still hoppin!!

This sweet brother grows out his beard every year at this time to go into his children's classrooms and present an historical visit!!  He is the COOLEST!!
Some people left us a note to  have us email their sons who are on a mission :)

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  1. Great report and what a great missionary! Rebecca is so cool! She and Sister Rasmussen seem to be best buds!