Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week 36- The Lord Provides

Woahhoho! Awesome week. And it all started Tuesday...I think I talked
last time a bit about the awesome worldwide missionary broadcast? So
this week we had a sister training leaders meeting in Billings with
President and Sister Wadsworth and the assistants to talk all about it
and see how we can best help the amazing sisters in MBM. So Billings
is a few hours away….
 so we woke up at zero dark thirty (aka 4:30) and left for
Billings! It was a long drive. A beautiful drive

 but it was an awesome meeting!
We all just sat and discussed what we learned and shared with
others....I learned so much and we have LOVED taking it back and
applying it in our areas and in our exchanges.  We used to put one of us in the other
area and bring one here.  Now they want us to do exchanges in our own area so
they can see the work.
we've been working hard planting seeds! But I'm not going to lie, it has been slower here for about a year...
so we were a little anxious of how it would go...would
we have enough work for 2 sets of missionaries in our area? Is our
area actually going to help inspire the sisters? Are there enough
members willing to come out to double the appointments? Are there
enough people progressing to help have good teaching experiences?

 We did some planning and A LOT of praying…
and let me tell you, the Lord provides once again!! I
can't even explain all of the miracles that we saw this week. We had 2
exchanges, and MORE than enough work for it all!! We put 2 more people
on date  and had SO many amazing appointments with less
actives who are progressing and holy cow the work just flew leaps and
bounds!! Wow. The Lord provides. Miracles happen in His work!! It was
an incredible testimony builder for me of this work in the Lord's
timing. He loves His children and holy cow we felt that
love for us and for those we taught.

exchanges!!! Sister brooks, Ututoa, Rasmussen and
these sisters!!

Anyway..sorry not much time! But lots of miracles this week!! ...M  is the strongest person ever! She's been going
through so much and on Sunday at church she recived a blessing and is feeling so much peace…Sister B has REALLY been there for her too,.
And C is amazing…
Her grandpa is a member and he has a wild
past...she asked how he straightened out his life and he said it was
the gospel that did...she's been coming to church  and now has her Date set for Baptism.  She wants
to make those covenants and feel the spirit fully in her life.
Gosh. People here are amazing.

It's been a great week! Nothing too crazy all around but such a good
week for teaching!

Just a few fun facts about tracting....
1-it's freezing outside. Always.
2-EVERYONE. And I mean everyone has a dog. Haha and it usually likes
to attack. Who knows why but this week especially we had some close
calls! This guy opened his door and this ENORMOUS dog runs out barking
like a maniac trying to bite us...we start backing away REAL fast and
man behind the door literally runs and tackles his dog! Haha it was
3-apparently we look kinda scary in big black jackets with
iPads...when we go tracting in sketchy areas everyone sees us and
thinks we're FBI or something...haha we've got some pretty funny
questions and looks. One guy, we knocked on, looked super big and
tough guy macho....he looked through the window and screamed, then
shut the blinds....haha maybe he just felt the spirit really

 a lady we teach is  a spiritual guru....she did these
music tom tom things to bring good vibes...she taught us how to use
it!! Wooho...

sorry for scattered letter…but better next week I promise!!! Sister R's grandmas funeral
was today so we didn't do much emailing we just sat and talked and

ANYWAY. I LOVE MY MISSION. I love Helena. I love the people here!! And
I love you. Work hard, pray always and love much!!!

Sister Hodgson

-we were shoveling down some cheese and crackers between
meetings on Sunday and sister Rasmussen had a Utah one so I made a
California one!

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