Sunday, February 28, 2016

WEEK 39- Go BIG at the ZOO...( Missoula)


Well transfers or something happened this week....transfer day is always insane here in MBM. Haha everyone mets at either the mission home or Helena church and we all swap around. This was President Wadsworth's biggest transfer yet so that was insane! Wednesday all of the missionaries swapped around places. I got to drive a large pick up with about a billion and one suitcases in the back and a few bikes on
the bike rack. So that's exciting on the highway in Montana wind! Haha we made it safe and sound though and everyone still has their stuff so that's an accomplishment;) Then Thursday we got to drive back to Helena again and pick up the new missionaries and their stuff! It's been pretty nice weather, but then all of a sudden Mother Nature thought it had been too right as we start unloading the trailer, HUGE wind and rain storms felt like bullets it was pretty great. Haha within moments we were all SOAKED.  But it made us try to load up real fast which was good! Haha then off to Missoula we went to drop the new missionaries off to their new companions! It's
been a few exciting days of driving and things....but then by Friday we were all settled and taken care of in our areas!









Sooo....Missoula.  It truly is "the zoo".  The driving is INSANE.  Haha  There are a  lot of hippies and marijuana use… . Our area is right by U of M so there are lots of college kids. The YSA sisters teach them, so we pass off several contacts So it's kinda cool we got to start from scratch. There's some good less active work! But zero investigators.  It's a definitely balancing act to keep working with and finding new less actives! But also get the work going and helping those who have never heard the gospel…Its all the work of salvation.


My new Companion is  Sister Haley Freeman from Lehi Utah!  She is so fun and energetic and I look forward to getting to know her better.

WELL….I've been gaining a huge testimony of prayer and works!! The work is just ready to happen here!
D is planning for his baptism now. He goes to church every week with a family from the ward and has been reading his Book of Mormon! So we're excited for him. We also found a woman, J who has taken the lessons before and was going to get baptized but ended up not
doing it last minute. She just said she wasn't ready. But she was so excited that we knocked on her door!
 Gosh missionary work is the best! I'm so grateful for the missionaries forever before us who planted seeds for J.  This work is amazing and I feel so blessed to be  able to wear this tag over my heart each day. I might start sleeping with it on soon.

I am not always comfortable in the leadership roll…but I have had to step up a few times lately.   It's been a little eye opening to work with some sisters who are struggling and
hearing their feelings on their mission...and I've been thinking about mine and the tough times and the joyful times!

WELL,They say "there's no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone" other words "GO BIG".  I can't tell you how many times I've been out of my comfort zone on my mission but I can honestly say I love every second. Or I learn to love it;) haha

It really is our choice the effect our missions have on us.

Anyway. I love you lots and lots!!!!



Sister Hodgson


I left a piece of my heart in Helena.  Saying good bye to these amazing people was harder than I can explain.

Do you remember our dear friend Kirby??!  He is the BEST!  He received  the priesthood and  performed a baptism in his ward.  A few pieces of my heart are in Great Falls still too!


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