Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 41- THE ZOO is a zoo!!!

Well congratulations. This might have been one of the most insane weeks of my mission!! Haha literally. 6/7 days of this week were spent on exchanges…and so much happened…I will try to get a few on paper.

It is So beautiful here and we have had good weather!!


 We went to the park and I was SOOO happy to see SAND ( ok it was not a beach but it was SAND!!!)

I got your package full of goodies mom!  We had sisters here so we shared the sour ring pops!!


We had 2 exchanges this week! Wooho! The first one I went to Darby with Sister Sanjaa. She is awesome! She's from Mongolia and the only member in her family. She got baptized a few years ago when she was 17 and came out! She had 2 weeks in the MTC to learn English and then was thrown out here to Montana! Haha she's is one of the most hardworking missionaries I've ever met. It was an awesome exchange!!

One of the best thing that happened is THE Z’S GOT
PERMISSION TO GET BAPTIZED! R and T want to get baptized.  Mom and dad are divorced and so they're been trying to get permission from dad for AGES.....and after much prayer
and fasting WOOHO!! Gosh I love this family. These boys are SO stinkin
smart and have the sweetest testimonies you'll ever hear. Sister
Z is awesome!   We were teaching tithing and Tyler had  the sweetest
experience with paying tithing.  He paid tithing before he bought a toy from the toy
store.  Then it was on clearance so he could by 2 toys! Haha it was
the cutest thing and he bore a little young  testimony on getting
blessings when we pay our tithing. Gosh these boys are cute! It was
the sweetest. They're so excited to get baptized!

We had stake conference this week! Wooho! So we had St. Ignatious
sisters come down for the weekend for our exchange so they were able
to save like 500 miles going back and forth each day.   I was with Sister Crosland! (my greenie, love that girl!)
So amidst this exchange, we had interviews with president  and his wife. Can I just say I love them?? So much.!!
I've really gotten close to them over these past months .. They're both hilarious and funny but so guided by the Spirit.
....and we also got told by the zone leaders that us and them had to present a training for the Ward mission leaders during the priesthood session of stake conference.  So a little busy and weird exchange but we all were working hard and loving it!

-So there's this new workout app that missionaries can
download with workout videos that we can use to exercise in the
mornings! It's awesome. So after interviews with president, we were all practicing our squats 

Left-Sister Crosland, me, president,
Right-Sister Holm, Freeman, elder Delimata, Cobabe


-also sister Hodgson is a terrible parallel parker....haha so
we had to take a picture;) in my defense...there were cars on both
sides before! This was after the lesson and they had both moved:)

No but it really is. It's crazy sometimes...really crazy. Haha and
sometimes we have weeks where we are running full speed ahead and feel
like we get nothing done! Haha I often don't know what I'm doing....but thank goodness for the Atonement! I am so grateful for an
older brother, Jesus Christ who knows exactly what I'm going through.
And what every other missionary is going through and why we act the
way we do. I love being a missionary with all my heart! It's the
best:) I love you all and I hope this week is amazing!

Sister Hodgson

-This is the Fadleys. Brother Fadleys is an award winning fiddler! He serenaded us it was so precious....

                                           PARK FUN!!  everyone needs a lunch break

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