Sunday, March 20, 2016

WEEK 42- Staying Sane

Staying sane when Pigs fly.................

What a beautiful week my friends. The sun was SHINING! I even got a little sunburnt, it was the best ever. Haha but now it's back to pouring rain and snowing so you know. #montanaweather.

But there are signs of Spring!!


Haha well last Monday was great! We all hiked the Missoula "M" and when
we all got to the top we had a little picnic. It was awesome! It was
only part of the zone, but it was great. It was a killer hike (or
actually were all just really out of shape) haha. When we got to the
top we all shared our testimonies and conversion stories. It was
really great. I think sometimes as missionaries we forget each other
are missionaries. We see each other on preparation day and district
meeting and stuff but for some reason I don't feel like we always get
to hear each other's stories and testimonies. It was super
strengthening and it was great bonding time.

Anyway, the rest of the week was pretty normal!! Wooho! We've been meeting with K more and she's doing awesome!
She's the sweetest and is doing so good! She lives with her dad during the week and her mom on weekends so she makes sure to bring her Book of Mormon back and forth with her so she can read:)  She's the cutest!  So Sister Z (recently reactivated mother of Raymond and Tyler who are getting baptized the 26th) is now dating her best friends dad....., he's been asking some questions about the gospel! We got to meet him at the boys' birthday party when I first got here too.  He is awesome.

R has been through a lot but he said that he believes that 2016 is a year of good change for him. He's ready to start turning his life around. We were able to teach him
about the restoration and he loved it. He said he felt lots of peace
and comfort as we were talking.
I guess he told sister Z that he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon yet...but she saw his Book of Mormon
in his car a few days later and he's already half way through 1st Nephi...haha wow that's just a testimony to me of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon! If we are seeking for guidance and truth, we will find it in the Book of Mormon. No doubt.

Anyway, it's been an amazing week! We've seen so many miracles this week. Another one of those miracles being how much food our tummies can hold. Because of the way things worked out with e-transfers, lessons, meals, etc, we had 8 MEALS on Saturday.  8.  I can honestly say I've never been so full.  Ever.  It was a struggle. But I'm not gonna lie, prayer works know how I said the rest of the week was pretty normal? Psych! We got a call Saturday too about yet ANOTHER mid transfer. Haha oh the joys. ;-)
 Also one more thing, my favorite thing happened on Sunday!
The bishopric forgot to call speakers. So.....that morning in the
middle of ward council, about 30 minutes before sacrament meeting
started, they asked Sister Freeman and I to speak. Haha we love being
missionaries! Haha but thank goodness for the Spirit.
Anyway, it was a great week! We're workin hard and staying
sane(barely;)) but I love every second of it. Missions really are the
best. I love you! Have the best week:)

Sister Hodgson


 People wonder why I fear /avoid cats???

Sister Freeman and I making it FUN


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