Saturday, March 5, 2016

WEEK 40- Hump-Day


They call Missoula the's beautiful and we are settling in
Back Row - Elders Walrgren, Munroe, Cobabe(ZL and he was my DL in Helena), Hatton, Hansen, Delimata (ZL), and McMiller
Middle - Sister Adair (My trainer), Harris, Freeman, Johnson, Decker, Shoemaker, Holm, Nielson, Cox (MTC companion)
Then sister Crosland ( my greenie) and I.
Then in the chair is Sister Dayes and Adamson....

9 month mark!! So goes by way fast. First
my emotions are sad and stressed cause it goes so fast.....but also so
happy because it's been so amazing so far....and I can't wait to see
what else these next 9 months hold:)

 Also we got ice cream to celebrate 9 months....a true Hodgson can't celebrate anything      without ice cream.

 This sweet young man loves the sisters so they came to celebrate his birthday!!


MLC February 
 MLC January

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