Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 43- Stand and Struggle

Heyy what a week! Haha crazy days over here in the Zoo.
So things are always super crazy, but it doesn't always come off that
crazy in email form...but it was.  So, Monday was a pretty good
preparation day, pretty normal! But that evening got a little crazy.
One of our sisters was getting mid transferred to Wyoming to take the
place of a sick sister who went home, so we drove her half way to
Helena. We made the pass off at a sketchy little shop in the middle of
Garrison Montana(no one knows what that even is) haha. On the way back
we were cruising along in the middle of the mountainous nowhere and
the gas light came There was nothing for miles. We
started praying right away and somehow coasted into a little gas
station. Miracles. Find them! Oh and also the Sister's bike couldn't go with
her yet because the other sisters didn't have a bike rack.
The uh oh happened when the sisters who put the bike back on didn't put in on all on our way back to Missoula, we look through the rear view and and see half the bike hanging off the rack, about to fall off.
Haha so we pulled over real fast and put it back on. And there's not
even a scratch so were good;

Haha Tuesday was fun! We did some festivising in the morning ( it was sister Hodgson’s20TH Birthday !!) It was free cone day at Dairy Queen so we all went there for lunch). It was great. Also thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, cards, boxes and things! It
made my day. You're all the greatest:)

then we went on exchanges…always fun and always eventful.

ALSO-just to add to the craziness we went to go see sister
Z....and guess what, she eloped! It took about 20 minutes then they went to taco johns. Crazy Huh??!!  But we continue to work with R her new husband
haha so good things are gona happen there!

Anyway. We had zone conference on Thursday and that was SO GOOD! I
love seeing President and Sister Wadsworth. We talked a lot about
listening and letting the spirit guide. It was perfect for the things
that we've been working through with the sisters. Gosh missions are
the best. Anyway. Friday was super stressful and things just went
crazy ( sometimes sister stress happens and we are supposed to be helpful J   )and it seemed like one of those beautiful days where everything that could go wrong, did...but in mission speak, that's code for "this stinks right
now, but good things are about to happen!" Haha and Saturday was
manifestation of that.

This picture shows Montana weather...Rain and sunburn in the same day...and picture!!

 So at stake conference last week, this woman gave a talk and told a
story about this really tough time she was having. She got a blessing,
and the in the blessing, the words were said "I command you to stand
and struggle." Wow that hit hard. So on Saturday we were stressing a
little from the day before. ( Haha lots of stress) We said a
companionship prayer and the thing that came to us was to stand and
struggle. So we decided the best thing to do was to get out  and GET To
We also found out that our car registration expired a few months ago...we didn't havethe car then, so who knows what happened hahah but we didn't want to drive an expired thing a ton so we decided to be on foot all day. That was actually SOOO nice to get out and get some sunshine and exercise and get to talk to some people. Little tender mercy. We walked ALLLL OVER and talked to some awesome people. We ended up being able to visit with like everyone we've been trying to visit with! So many
miracles.. And our little miracle for the day...we had in the area book a guy named D.  I had gone by on exchanges but the house was being remodeled and it looked like no one lived there.
So we ment to move him off our list…but I thought she did and she thought I did….hhmmm
So sister Freeman and I were in the area on foot and decided to drop by one last time. Turns out he does live there and
He even texted us  confirming our return appointment. It was way awesome. We're excited to meet with him.

 I just loved the message of "stand and struggle". Life isn't going to
be easy...but the thing that makes it so amazing is that through the
atonement we can stand and struggle. We can keep pushing forward and
learning and growing. I love this gospel, I love my Savior and I love
being a missionary!! Love you lots.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Sister Hodgson

Birthday Festivities                                                   Thanks for the fun box mom!

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